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  1. I think this is my son’s apt. when he was in college. There’s a companion pic of an amazing garbage tower balancing above the wastebasket in the kitchen.

  2. “It’s an extra large turd muffin holder.”

    You know what? I’m gonna try that! lol.
    (not with poop, with cake mix. Chocolate cake mix 😀 )

  3. Sometimes you run out of TP and then find out that all of the corn cobs have rotted, it is winter so the leaves are gone, your dog is hiding somewhere and it is a BART ride to San Francisco soo…

  4. PHenry NOVEMBER 17, 2019 AT 11:42 AM
    “Because it’s hard to wipe with a Keurig cup.”

    …do you speak from experience? Information like this is good, so you can consider the maximum number of available options QUICKLY in an emergency, and if all you have is a hammer, it makes everything look like a nail, just sayin’…

  5. PHenry NOVEMBER 17, 2019 AT 12:44 PM
    “I’m just saying the edges are very sharp. Not kind to ‘roids.”

    …sounds handy if it’s such a heavy-duty job that scraping may be required…

  6. After driving 120 miles to deliver a forgotten college to our son’s frat house (18 yrs ago) I needed to use the toilet. No tp, tissue or paper towels. Coffee filter, just like the one in this picture. To this day my own home is always overstocked with tp – especially if guests are staying. I recently shared this with our son and he said incredulously, “still?!” Yep. Still.

  7. I’ve had some of the high dollar fancy coffee at friends houses that tasted like shit. Trying to figure out now if the bathroom looks familiar.

  8. Those make great cover papers for heating food in the microwave. Cheaper than paper towels if you buy them by the 500 packs.

  9. The awful bit is that may not be unusual. It may be the normal coffee filter treatment before brewing the coffee at this “establishment” and many others.

    Only drink coffee you made yourself in your own kitchen.

  10. “Because it’s hard to wipe with a Keurig cup.”
    maybe need to research the three shells system?

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