45% of California Roads are Rated in ‘Poor Condition’


The Transportation for America reported that 45 percent of California’s 394,383 lane miles of roads are rated in “poor condition.”

The stated mission of the nonpartisan think tank known as “T4-America” is to assist local government leaders make sure that states and federal government invest in “smart, homegrown, locally-driven transportation solutions.”

The World Economic Forum highlights four basic economic pillars that contribute to global economic competitiveness among the 193 nations of the world: 1) institutions; 2) Infrastructure; 3) macroeconomic environment; and 4) health and primary education.

The United States’ strongest basic pillar has been infrastructure that includes effective modes of transport, electricity supplies free from interruptions and shortages, and an extensive telecommunications network that allow rapid and free flow of information.

The U.S. historically has been at or near the top each year for infrastructure, and still has excellent electric supplies and the world’s leading telecommunications structures. But the U.S. rating has declined to 11th place internationally due to deterioration of its roads, railroads, ports, and air transport to move goods to market and workers to their jobs.

The latest T4-America Repair Priorities 2019 report reveals that the percentage of U.S. roads nationwide in “poor condition” increased from 14 percent to 20 percent, and 37 states saw the percentage of their roads in poor condition increase from 2009-2017.

This analysis generally blames policies by individual states that neglect basic repairs in favor of expanding road miles. Due to spending flexibility offered by Congress over the last two five-year transportation reauthorization bills, states spent nearly as much money expanding the number of road miles as repairing their existing road system.


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  1. The california politicians seem oblivious to all the problems they’ve created. Now they’ll squander taxpayer money on healthcare for illegals. That’ll help things.

  2. Must be cuz of all that Stimulus money that the Obamboozler spent on ’em!!
    Someone should remind them that was one of the big things the Kenyan Kremepuff campaigned on!

  3. Alright, enough already. I’m beginning to feel like the guy who says,”Nobody gets to bad mouth my brother, but me”.

    I suspect that all you out of staters believe that S.F. or L.A. is reflective of the rest of the state, far from it. Although in the Bay Area, I live in the best small town in the country; zero crime, best schools, pride in the community, tons of open space, and the best weather on the planet bar none.

    From your link;

    “As an example of California unique use of “other capital spending,” the Reform California movement found that 30 percent of the state’s transportation “Maintenance” Budget for San Diego County was being diverted to clean up homeless camps.”

    Clearing out homeless camps and picking up people poop can seriously cut into your transportation funds.

    Unlike the enviro-wackos and the teachers union, roads don’t have lobbies in Sacramento. Newsome would rather throw more money at teachers and fund free healthcare for illegals, those people vote.

  4. The idiot politicians in charge could screw up a wet dream. Washington and Oregon are no better, they just got a later start on the total screwballism

  5. While the morons spent billions on the bullet train to nowhere. A bunch of their local, state and federal politicians should be marched in front of a firing squad and their corpses used as highway signs.

  6. Hey Rich,
    We don’t think the whole state is like that but the fact is the idiots running those shitholes control the whole state and they’ll get to your area sooner or later.

  7. Rich Taylor…Are you one of those in high tech censoring speech now? how much are your taxes? How much gas tax do you pay? How many times have they raised gas taxes to “fix the roads?” What is your income compared to the state average?

  8. Left that state 45 years ago and never looked back. Yeah, it has the climate, the beaches, the geography, but it also has the highest concentration of assholes on the planet.

  9. ^^ 500 years from now aliens will say:
    “It sez here an asshole is a rectum”
    “Rectum? It damn near killed ’em!

  10. A.Moose, there is no one that is aware of California’s faults more than I, born and raised, and never left. Yes, the taxes are too high and yes the state is run by idiots. My point was that a perception exists where those not from here think the whole state is knee deep in garbage, human shit, hypo needles and illegal aliens. I can afford to live anywhere but my quality of life here is such that for now I will put up with the nonsense.

    California is dying, I know that, and my little piece of paradise will not always be so. I would love to find a place where I don’t feel like Lot in the land of Sodom, where people respect American values and love their country. I’m still looking.

  11. I would imagine that California is still 65% Conservative…but

    Voter Fraud has skewed all elections .

    I mean You do not build an economy like that using socialist parameter’s

  12. Rich Taylor – If it keeps going the way it is they’ll be eyeing yer little paradise like hungry dog after a juicy steak. Think Venezuela or South Africa and you’ll simply be someone who has something you don’t deserve! Feed that monster a even little bit and the “hunger” and the grabbing never stops!

  13. Rich Taylor, I understand your frustration. I lived in Minnesota and can’t count the number of times I had to say, “We all aren’t like that”! Now I moved back home to Michigan and am faced with the same thing.

    I just figure it’s easier for people to talk about the whole state even while knowing there are still good people and places left. Some day, maybe, sanity will rule again in our states.

  14. …I like WESTERN Michigan, @Claudia, around Holland and such. Never been to the UP, but here it’s nice. Are you around either of those?

  15. Claudia my wife is from Zeeland, Mi. and she always said she missed having four season after she left. Her brother reminded her that the four seasons are EARLY WINTER, WINTER, LATE WINTER, and ROAD CONSTRUCTION!

  16. My financial situation is such that state taxes are a major consideration.

    I wish we had a regular poster from South Dakota, seriously looking there.

    Having lived in the land of the heathen for so long I yearn for a community of like minded folks like myself; a red state with low taxes that embraces limited government, civil liberties, the Second Amendment, and the American dream. That place that Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about where common folk look to themselves to solve problems, not the government.

  17. Supernightshade, I’m an hour southeast of Holland. Lots of beautiful lakes and woods. We (my two sisters and I) are in the process of buying some land (woods and a pond) to build. Working on finances right now … praying real hard for everything to work out.


    Doc, Zeeland us just east of Holland. LOTS of lake effect snow! And your wife’s brother is correct about the seasons! hehe

  18. @Claudia…I remember walking the beach by Big Red, and it was MEGA windy!!! Guess that explains your Lake Effects snow, but seems like it could storm pretty easy too, does it? I was there in the fall, so missed the tulips and such, but DID find out how unpleasant wooden shoes can be (the “Dutch” theming was tough to avoid). We were up there to do business with Egemin, and it seemed like a weird, but pleasant, setting for high-tech automation, but there it was…

    …prayers for your dreams of a little pied-à-terre in the country. Nice that you can contemplate the beauty of God’s creation on this side of Heaven.

    -God bless, SNS

  19. Thank you, SNS! 😊

    Edit: Yes, some mighty fun storms and lots of wind. By the time it gets here, it’s not too bad.

  20. road apple

    Remember Bush said when a criminal alien breaks the law to rape, plunder + kill in America it is “AN ACT OV LOVE.”!

  21. roads are rated as “Poor Condition”??? I can attest to the fact that I-5 between Sac and LA sucks. Potholes galore. But I-10 near the Arizona border has potholes that will shake the fillings outta your head.

    Back on Memorial day weekend 2016 I flew to Los Angeles Cali from NOLA (LAX is easily the shittiest airport I ever been to. And that’s coming from a well traveled person), hopped a commuter to Sacramento, drove to Folsom, loaded up all my fiance’s shit into a Budget truck, threw her hybrid Camry that I named Caitlyn Jenner onto a car trailer, endured a wine-filled send-off from her far-left friends where one of them, a libtard state Gummint worker, a woman, kept going on and on about The Jews and how they were running things and ruining things. I finally said to her, “ya know…my great uncle died in Auschwitz…” Dead silence among the twenty there. EF Hutton Moment. Jew-Hater started spluttering “I didn’t know! I’m so sorry (I got caught).”

    But i cut that Jew-Hating POS some slack. Wanna know how? I asked her “wanna know how my uncle died?”

    “Yes.(sniffle) Tell us.”

    “He broke his neck falling drunk outta the guard tower!”

    Lots of hilarity ensued and the tension eased but I had a cold glare aimed at that bitch the rest of the night.


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