48 Women Turn Up in Trunk of Car To Say Al Franken Is a Creep

Franken loses in the court of public opinion when a cache of uncounted women were suddenly found in a trunk of a car.


36 SNL Women ‘Offer Solidarity in Support’ of Franken, Downplay Actions as ‘Stupid and Foolish’.

Thirty-six of Sen. Al Franken’s (D., Minn.) previous female “Saturday Night Live” coworkers signed a letter to express their support while downplaying the senator’s actions as “stupid and foolish.”

“We feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken, whom we have all had the pleasure of working with over the years,” the letterbegan.

The SNL women, most of whom held positions in writing, said they know Franken “as a devoted and dedicated family man, a wonderful comedic performer, and an honorable public servant.” They agreed with Franken’s response to accusations, saying “it was appropriate for him to apologize to Ms. Tweeden and the public.”


16 Comments on 48 Women Turn Up in Trunk of Car To Say Al Franken Is a Creep

  1. Damn!….this is good 36 more women who I can grab their breastsessssses…..I’m for that of course…..

  2. It must be a car with a really big trunk or very tiny women. And yes Al Franken is a clown of the worst kind and not even funny.

  3. I’d say the left is losing the moral authority on this issue based on their hypocrisy alone but they have no moral authority to begin with.

  4. Any democrat could forcible sodomize a nun on live TV without any fear of being kicked out of office. This jerk will not leave, and will likely be re-elected.

  5. “The SNL women, most of whom held positions in writing…”

    Must have been the homely ones that he never bothered.


    Liberal women coming forward to support a liberal groper, has no credibility. We all know rules don’t apply to democrats.

  7. Two dozen photos of Franken violating women, no problemo. Not one single photo of Roy Moore touching anyone and the left is bellowing ‘foul’ 24 hours a day. ABC and CBS are spreading Moore rumors 24 hours a day, soft pedaling Franken because his transgressions were before he was a senator. (Sorta like Senatorial candidate Moore?)

  8. 20 women accuse Franken of groping them.

    The Frankenforces trot out 36 women who claim they WEREN’T groped by Franken!

    What does that prove, exactly? That he didn’t grope EVERY woman on Earth?
    Same shit they pulled when Bill Clinton was accused of rape – 3 women accused him of rape and 20 (others) swore that he didn’t rape them! Is America really this dumb?

    izlamo delenda est …


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