5 More Syrians Detained at Laredo Port of Entry

Five more Syrians have been detained at an international port of entry in Laredo, Texas. The Syrian group consisted of one family unit and two additional males. This is the second group of Syrians this week who have arrived at the international bridge in Laredo. [BigGovernment]

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7 Comments on 5 More Syrians Detained at Laredo Port of Entry

  1. Out in the South Texas town of Laredo

    I fell in love with a jihadi girl

    Nighttime would find me in Akbars Cantina

    muzzies would pray and Jihadi would twirl

    Blacker than night were the eyes of jihadi

    wicked and evil while casting a spell

    my love was deep for this suicidal maiden

    I was in love in vain i could tell

    (computer is effing up, or I would continue thru the whole song…as always, apologies to Marty Robbins)

  2. Need a bunch of post-graduate training exercises from Quantico’s Sniper School. 60 years ago a Ranger hollered “halt” when someone was caught crossing. If they didn’t halt they got shot at……..

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