5 Oregon counties to vote on leaving state, escaping to ‘Greater Idaho’

Washington Times: Five Oregon counties will ask voters in the next election whether they want to detach from the deep-blue state and join neighboring red-state Idaho.

Move Oregon’s Border, also known as Greater Idaho, confirmed Tuesday that the initiative to move swaths of largely rural eastern and southern Oregon into Idaho qualified for the May 18 special election ballot in five counties: Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman.

In Baker County, organizers far exceeded the 496 signatures required by submitting 746, with the clerk reporting that 630 were accepted. The county population is about 16,000.

“Oregon is a powder keg because counties that belong in a red-state like Idaho are ruled by Portlanders,” said Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon’s Border, in a statement. more

20 Comments on 5 Oregon counties to vote on leaving state, escaping to ‘Greater Idaho’

  1. Idaho isn’t far enough away. The way things are going I’m starting to wonder about the immigration policy of Pitcairn and Easter Islands.

  2. I’m all for secession. I’d like it to happen, but I’m afraid it’ll be a little more messy than just voting for a referendum. You’ll have to mark you ballot with hot lead.

  3. The feds will never let this happen, unfortunately. If so, you’d see a rapid splitting of NY, CA, WA and probably CO as well.

  4. Does Idaho get a say in this?

    Would be kind of embarrassing to leave Oregon and knock on Idahos door with a sleeping bag in hand expecting to crash on Idahos couch only to be kicked back out on the street.

  5. Better idea would be to make Portland part of Washington, then we might be able to overcome Eugene and stay Oregonians.

  6. Faster, cheaper, and easier just to build walls around Portland, Salem, and Eugene, and declare the rest of the state free.

  7. I feel sorry for the people of Idaho. Californians are headed that way too. I give it one decade and Idaho will be just as fucked up politically as SoCal.

  8. The U.P. has been wishing for the state of Superior for over 150 years. No state wants to give away tax revenue.

  9. Map’s outline includes part of N. Cal.

    Article says they are thinking of asking some of N. Cal to join them.

    First I’ve heard of that.

    Would love to see it happen. Have no confidence in it, but sure is nice to see some political sticks being poked in leftist’s political eyes.

    We all know what would be left would collapse pretty quickly. The left knows it too. They are very clear that extracting taxes from the right and using them for anti-conservative things is their passion and lifeblood. They never have and never will leave us alone, so they will never agree to an amicable split.

  10. I’m pissed….my county has been left out….although, it will probably never make any difference since the leftie liberal ASSHOLES could NEVER make a go of it without the working conservatives and the tremendous amount of taxes they pay to the FUCKING stupid liberals that endlessly insist on destroying Oregon.

  11. How about us in IL? I’m on the WI border so that ain’t much of an improvement…

    Can we satellite as part of say FL?

  12. The real underlying issue here is control of the Senate. If most of Oregon joins Idaho, the balance remains unchanged. 2 dems for rump Oregon, and 2 Reps for Greater Idaho. Split Portland off into Washington, however, and WA keeps 2 Dems but New Oregon flips to 2 Reps. Can’t have that. Create the State of Jefferson out of Northern CA, and maybe southern OR, and you add 2 R’s to the Senate. Again, can’t have that.
    Odds might be improved by offering a trade: PR and DC as states, in return for Jefferson and South Oregon. This would add 4 senators from each party.


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