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5 Reasons Why Justice Thomas is a PIMP! 😎

While the idiots over at the left are wasting everyone’s time crapping on the reputation of Justice Clarence Thomas, We thought it would appropriate, nay, necessary to give this Pimp some Shine.

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  1. I hate to badmouth guys on our side, but Crowder, PJW, and others are just tough to listen to. I like their message, but damn they need to listen to Rush and maybe take some lessons.

  2. Saxindacity, I’m still good for just a beer or two. A lot of craft beers seem to try and get too much flavor in their beer. Stella is good, Becks is good, hell, I still like Bud and Coors. After a beer to quench my thirst I’ll usually get a glass of wine.

  3. the socialists ‘democrats’ always uses & abuses ‘people of color’

    growing up in the ’50’s & ’60’s I was always taught that ‘people of color’ were inferior. it was in the ’70’s, when I began to interact w/ them by way of close working interaction w/ them (industrial & commercial construction) that I realized they were no different than my social strata. I quickly learned to judge a person by ‘the content of their character’

    sadly, the socialists ‘democrats’ always divide us into ‘groups’ … & given the D’rats history in the USA of enslaving ‘people of color’ they always try to use ethnicity as a divisive tool … & usually, to our detriment, succeed

    wake up, all you spicks, wops, dagos, limeys, kikes, coons, patty’s, krauts, n*ggers, mulatos, poltroons, mandingoes, frogs, pollocks, slop heads, japs, chinks, coolies … & whatever name they choose to divide us with … we are all one race.

    we all have the same problems, the same air needed to exist, the same need for food, water, shelter … to be left alone to conduct our lives as we see fit.

    the current socialist government that we find ourselves subjugated to will never, peacefully, allow such a construct

    wake up!

  4. I have to turn Crowder off sometimes as well but I’ve seen this segment before and it was worth watching again.

    I can’t imagine going to watch Stephen at a comedy show. And it’s pretty cringey watching Gerald, who makes excellent snark free points, trying to get a word in.

  5. What a disgusting word to use for a brilliant man like Clarence Thomas . Cryder can do better than that .


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