5 Stories the Media Was Too Afraid To Tell You

8 Comments on 5 Stories the Media Was Too Afraid To Tell You

  1. The American mainstream media is no longer deliverer of News. They are whores for the Illuminati (Lazlo’s term for the vast globalist cabal). They are paid to aid in the emasculation of a President.
    They are tasked with, instead of reporting Noteworthy events; to try to shape public opinion. They do this by commission and omission.
    They are worse than whores. They are agents in the destruction of a country for the reward of high and comfortable positions when power is theirs.

  2. The only one I watch regularly at OANN. Too bad she’s not on FOX Sunday with Chris Wallace. She’d make him cry.

  3. Being the lapdogs of the oligarchs, the mainstream media ought to be called the lapdog media. It might take some of the wind out of their sails.


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