5 Year-Olds Marry: It Was the Girl’s Dying Wish


DM- It had always been Mary Massey’s dream to marry her best friend Damien, her family said. So when doctors told them she did not have much longer to live, they granted her wish.

On Thursday evening, Mary was given her dream wedding as she married five-year-old Damien in a ceremony complete with Mickie and Minne Mouse rings and sealed with a hug.

Mary was dressed in a grey princess dress and wore a pink sparkly crown while Damien wore a suit.

The pair later enjoyed a cake covered in their favorite Disney characters, Mickie and Minnie Mouse.

A sweet snap capturing the special day showed the best friends all dressed up as they laid next to one another, holding hands, in Mary’s hospital bed.

Less than six hours after having her dream fulfilled, Mary died ‘in her mother’s arms, happy and without any pain’ early Friday, according to Damien’s mother and Mary’s godmother, Tonya Reyes-Dickerson.

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9 Comments on 5 Year-Olds Marry: It Was the Girl’s Dying Wish

  1. I can be a sucker for stuff like this, but then I think of what the heck little Damien thinks about this. He lost his wife at 5 years old, that could be a hell of a burden to carry.

  2. How very sad to lose a child.

    (My cousin wanted to marry me when we were about that age. He would say to his mom, “I sure love that Abigail with her blue hair and yellow eyes.” He didn’t know his colors yet.)

  3. I worry about Damien. He disappears from the story as though he were merely a prop. I would think that, if he really loved his little friend, he is going to need some help and comfort, now. Five is pretty young to have such a stark introduction to death.
    ….Lady in Red

  4. I hope Damien gets to keep the wedding gifts.

    (OK, OK, I know… It’s how I process sadness sometimes.)

    Actually, I hope Damien forgets all about this until he’s old enough to deal with it properly. Still, a very touching story, and hopefully not too traumatic for the widower.

  5. My wife and I cared for our two terminally ill grandchildren at home. Jarren lived to be 18 months. JayLynn was buried on her first birthday. We had no idea what their dreams or aspirations might have been to honor them.
    We would have done anything to make their dreams come true.

    All we could do was care for, hold and love them 24/7.

    Isn’t that what all of us want and need?

    Rest in Peace Mary Massey, you are in the loving arms of Jesus.

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