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50 Years Ago “The Andromeda Strain” Was Released To Theaters, What Have We Learned Since?

I was watching a video on the “The Andromeda Strain” (released March 12, 1971) and it started me thinking. While the Michael Crichton story was remade as a forgettable miniseries in 2008, the COVID 19 “strain” raised some questions about how well we would respond to this disaster today.

First, could scientist now figured out the nature of the “strain” quickly enough to prevent further mass die offs and more importantly, respond properly to the potential humanity ending biological event? Second, would our elites be able to restrain themselves from trying to politically benefit from the crisis? Third, would any nation be able to ignore the weapon of mass destruction potential represented by Andromeda?

More on the 1971 film Here

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  1. Nuking that bug would have had dire consequences.

    I found the bio-containment protocols in the book interesting. Most focused on not introducing contaminants from the researchers into the alien bug. Which seemed odd, as they collected the stuff from the middle of a town where it had already been exposed to our biosphere.

    Maybe their Prell shampoo would have skewed the analysis.

    And you know the only reason the government spent that amount on a lab like that was to weaponize anything it got used for.

  2. “Drink Sterno?” No, drink Hydroxychloroquine. And inject bleach.

    There is also Smilex. Love that Joker!

  3. Good and interesting movie.
    And yes. The political elites did use it for poRltical reasons.
    So did the propaganda machine.

  4. Too bad Crichton left us so early. Imagine what he’d do injecting todays dysfunctional elites into his story? The ethical issues one could expose would be incredible.

    Would society be better off relying on our government to handle these events without question or would we be better served challenging our government and second guessing ever move the authorities make? I would think many people today would answer differently after COVID.

  5. It is a great movie.
    And has and will stand the test of time for Sci Fi.
    Watch it every time it is on the tube.
    I just wish the laser in the hall way took out Fauci.

  6. The mini-series remake was full of evil white men, magic negroes, and homos. That lot wouldn’t have been able to cure a hangnail, much less an extraterrestrial bug.

    The book, and the original movie, was mostly white males. Much more likely to have accomplished something.

    Kind of OT, The White Plague was another cool book, about bioterrorism, that should have been made into a movie.


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