500 Days. Time Flies When You’re Winning


President Donald Trump and his administration celebrated his first 500 day in office on Monday.

11 Comments on 500 Days. Time Flies When You’re Winning

  1. Remember and appreciate this time people.
    This is OUR Camelot, and it may not come again in our lifetime without considerable bloodshed.

  2. Winning is great!

    One question, what the heck is going on with the Awan’s? There was a hearing today. The next court date is to finalize a plea agreement. If these spies and traitors walk from this case I’ll be a mad son of a gun!

  3. Like the Indy500 itself – Racing around an oval at 160mph..and that is AVERAGE speed.

    I don’t do memes or edited vids but someone should!

    POTUS racing around the track…passing so and so…


  4. By far the best President in 17 years! Maybe in 28 years. No reasonable comparison to the 2 starting this century. Don really loves Americans in general; and working Americans in particular!

  5. Oops, only two more days, President Trump. Adam Schiff’s Nixon calendar says you have to go. Thanks for everything, though.


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