$5000 Reward To Find Person Who Was “Cruel and Heartless” To a Black Bear

The Trump 2020 sticker was seen attached to the bear's tracking collar, according to photographs obtained by CNN.The Trump 2020 sticker was seen attached to the bear’s tracking collar, according to photographs obtained by CNN.

(CNN)Black bears will not be voting in the upcoming election, but that’s not stopping one bear from unknowingly showing a little support for the incumbent president.Help Asheville Bears (HAB), an organization in North Carolina, has put out a $5,000 reward to find the person or people responsible for putting a “Trump 2020″ sticker on the tracking tag of a black bear.”Whoever put these political stickers on these bears is cruel and heartless,” HAB wrote in a Facebook post. “HAB and our followers hope to stop and expose you. This is now the second bear this happened to, which can only mean either someone in the study is doing this or it is someone in the public. Either way, a full investigation needs to be done.”

“I believe this is an abhorrent practicum” Chapman told HAB. “These bears are already suffering enough with the heavy collars and metal ear mutilations. But to put a political sticker on the collar? No words can describe my anger and sadness.”

LOLOLOLOLOL. Cruel and Heartless! lolololo

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  1. I suggest this person make up BIDEN stickers and stick them on the bears rear ends. That’ll get Joe some attention, as well as the person brave enough to try it.

  2. LOL, with any luck I’m putting an arrow thru one I have my eye on in a couple weeks. About a 350 pound cinnamon.

  3. JDHasty

    Nice. Maybe you could share them. This bear is where we shoot. At about 4,000 feet. And the deer are at over 5800 feet. The odds on the bear are better. Of course you know how that works.

  4. That bear was never as smart as he is now with his TRUMP sticker. The left has no sense of humor.

    If that bear had a steel bumper I’d put a magnetic sticker on him.

  5. …a Trump supporter was brave and daring enough to put it ON…

    …let’s see the commie brave enough to take it OFF…

    …go on, we’re waiting…make SURE someone live streams it, tho…

  6. We were in the Badlands today and I saw a American ‘Prog’horn with a TRUMP 2020 sign around it’s neck…it’s true. Even they are effing sick of it!

    Had a GREAT but albeit, to short a session with Charlie WalksonWater this afternoon, he served up popcorn and lemonade slushies! How cool is THAT?

    Onto Praire de Chien, WI tomorrow…I am beginning to think I was a trucker in a previous life…


  7. No words can describe my anger and sadness.

    Anybody who uses the word “practicum” knows the word “silly”.

    OK, maybe not, but surely “risible”.

  8. Brad

    Will do. Haven’t got them yet.

    When I was in college I would put about a 3” dia handful of yogironi in my book bag every morning. That be pep sticks made from Yogi. The girls never would eat it at first, but after being on a diet of Top Ramen for a couple months they would track me down looking for meat just like the guys. I always had jerky and pep. The jerky was elk, deer or goose and mostly I didn’t pay attention to what it was unless someone asked me. The pep was almost always bear.

    I haven’t hunted bears for quite a while now. Can’t run ‘em with dogs here any more. I might get back into it though. They are pretty thick and calling works and still hunting or spotting them in berry patches works pretty good.

  9. JDHasty

    I love the Bow. Such a challenge. I’m pretty out of shape aerobically from the cancer crap. The migratory deer herd is ranging from 5800 feet on up. Most guys are packing in about ten miles. I think I’m going to take my pop up and set up on a ravine. See if I can’t get lucky with them being pushed down the hill. There’s some Muleys up there too. Hell, it’ll be a nice walk if nothing else.

  10. Uncle Al – I think you meant IBOC (Indigenous Bear of Color).

    And Brad – carry a Biden 2020 sign to pose with it after you take it. That way you can say you simply had to kill it out of compassion because it was clearly a mentally damaged and dangerous bear since it was carrying around that sign. The poor thing would have died a long, painful death of starvation being stupid enough to carry around a “Joe 2020” sign.

  11. ‘Unfortunately, someone has habituated this bear to the point where it has lost its natural wariness of people, allowing this person to place the sticker on the collar,’ DePerno said.

    Oh bullshit. They probably lassoed it and put the sticker on the collar.

    A good buddy of mine caught a 150 lb bear on a low limb right next to the road and they lassoed it and pulled it down into the dog box before stopping for a drink or twelve in Centralia on the way home. Long about midnight they got to discussing what they were going to do with a live bear anyway… and had another drink or twelve while thinking it over. The decision was that they were going to let it go… but where?

    The next day there was an article in the paper about a pickup having pulled up to the back door of Brown’s Star Grill in Tacoma’s Hilltop and turning a boiling mad black bear loose. The patrons came out the front door like salt out of a salt shaker with the bear right behind them.

    The perpetrators of the caper stole off to parts unknown, Yelm, before the police showed up and I don’t think the bear was ever recaptured.

    Brown’s Star Grill is now closed, it is featured in this story in the Seattle paper

    “I’m a destination,” explained the dapper Morris McCollum, 79, known affectionately as “Mr. Mac” after his decades in the Hilltop. That’s his secret to staying in business, even as foot traffic has slowed on what was once the busy main drag, Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

    Fewer customers than ever come by, and business in the historically low-income Hilltop is way down, especially since the city forced Browne’s Star Grill to close more than a year ago, just one block from McCollum’s store.

    Browne’s counter and neon signs had been fixtures of the neighborhood since 1967. Now it sits empty, stripped of its fittings and gathering dust. “We’d been working hard to close it,” said City Councilman Thomas R. Stenger. “We have no tolerance for crime, prostitution and drug dealing.”

    Indeed, the intimidating loiterers outside Browne’s have disappeared. Marieva Riche has worked at the tidy Johnson’s Candy Co. two blocks away for 25 years, and recalled “bad guys” urinating in the bushes and dealing drugs. “I don’t generally believe in closing down a business, but this is a wonderful place again since they closed Browne’s.”

  12. It would not be cruel If antifa would attacking Trump supporting bears in public or on social media. 😉

  13. Hmmmm, I’ve got an extra one of those Trump stickers, I need a bear to attach it to. There’s one here that enjoys baths in the horse trough, he isn’t collared though. Bummer. BTW, what’s cruel and heartless is the collar itself. I hope Help Asheville Bears (HAB), are the first to go in the coming Civil War.

  14. I kinda think the bear, like Yogi, knows where the food is. They feed them, against all federal and state laws, then get all indignant about somebody else does something they don’t like.
    Typical AWFL(affluent white female liberal) Karen.
    I’m with SNS, if it bothered her enough, peel it off yourself.

  15. Cruel and heartless? Reminds me of the “do not molest the alligator” signs in our parks. I mean, come on – just how horny do you have to be?

  16. $5000??? OK now you know where the money is spent. Idiots.
    BTW, never occurred to the chump that one of THEIR people in the organization did it to be funny? Or maybe her, just to fundraise off it?
    Either way, that organization is bullshit.

  17. oh, so now the department of environmental protection is going to collar all trump supporters who don’t wear masks with radio collars ?

    just great !

    so much trying to remain anonymous


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