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  1. The white dog in the doggie door, that’s like my dog, friggin stubborn and spoiled. We let that bitch out last night at 2am and she got sprayed by a friggin skunk. Not much sleep for me last night and the whole house stinks, plus it stinks outside, I’m about to burn the whole thing down.

    The deer getting it’s head fucked off tho.

  2. ecp, you’re like me. I have such low tolerance for my dog(s). Been through skunk sprays, deep-in-the-coat burr removals, flea infestation, and a couple of nips on men he doesn’t like. Finally down to 1 animal and he’s getting old 😎.

  3. The doggie reunited with owner videos always gets me in the feels, but my neurotic little dog reacts with same way upon seeing me after I come back from the store after an hour.

  4. He ‘hit it’ too harshly, and whoopsie.

    Poor fella, this proves even deer have a WTF moment.

  5. To the reddit deer: Hate when that happens.

    Looks like he was trying to figure out a way to go again – Hmm, as long as she’s still standing there…


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