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  1. WOW, I was wrong.

    I thought 2 jerk offs with the clap, playing video games with their fingers up their asses.

    Oh well, still don’t think I’m that far off.

  2. Buddy you’re a young man hard man
    Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day You got blood on yo’ face
    You big disgrace
    Wavin’ your banner all over the place

  3. @Hunter,

    Those GMC Denali commercials where they always show someone who never gets dirty, can’t change a tire, & The only tool they own is a vibrator for their shitter?

    Never seen them…

  4. @ Kcir

    LOL! Yes those exact commercials! I’m happy for you that you have been able to avoid them.

    And even though I’m mostly an office monkey now, I still know how to turn a wrench, the correct direction, I still skin a knuckle every now and then and I have been shocked from time to time as well.

  5. @ LCD

    First, I never made that connection until I typed it. Maybe you are from the ’60s left coast!

    And Denalis are for people that want to show that they are working class, but get upset if there is ever anything dirtying up their pickup bed.

  6. I get my exercise maintaining 6 acres that has lots of trees that drop lots of leaves and pine needles.

    I worked out behind the billygoat today. And not in a Muslim way. It’s a three wheeled beast that blows at 200 mph.

    It peels moss off the ground and sends pine cones and small leaves flying 30 feet.

    Wii and peloton is for unaccomplished faggots who live in

    I got your exercise equipment right here.

  7. “I’ve never seen a Wii. That was the hard part.

    That’s for exercise, right?”


    Possibly, with some of the games you can play on it.

    It’s a home video game console.

  8. Now that I know what a Wii is, I got the second half, but in my thick headedness I still don’t get the fists and hands. I initially that a rock, paper, scissors, thing but it looks like I’m wrong on that.

  9. Tomorrow is dreaded gutter cleaning day involving the dreaded extension ladder, which has gained another 5 lbs since last year.

  10. @ Joe

    Do what it shows – hit the table twice with your fist and clap – and you get:

    Boom Boom Clap!

    Just like the song starts.

  11. “Did you just watch the new GMC Denali commercial, where they show you that you don’t have to drive it anymore?”

    Most GM products don’t need a driver. No driver is needed while hanging off the back of a tow truck. Great gas mileage too.

  12. Dadof4, ohhhhh, sometime you have to hit me in the head with it. I get it now. See, that’s what friends are for, we help each other out.

  13. @PHenry: Get one of those hose extensions shaped vaguely like a shepherd’s crook that has a power nozzle on the end. Makes quick work of the gutters. Prepare to get soaked. Used one like this, and put screens over the gutters at my sister’s house. No more mess.


  14. Will Smiths an ass hole. The Rock should run for President so he’s exposed as a total moron. Use to like that dude but he went fucking awol from common sense. None of these celebrities give a shit about reality. THEIR MAIN CONCERN IS FAN BASE. I have no time for losers. And real soon they will be.

  15. lessee ….
    fist on a table, fist on a table, rubbing hands together
    fist on a table, fist on a table, rubbing hands together
    crappy game, will smith, crappy game
    will smith, dwayne johnson, crappy game

    nope, not ringing a bell

    do something more festive


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