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But They Better Have a Big Bank Account

Trends in dating are always shifting as individuals gravitate toward what will become the next great thing. The newest craze in the world of dating, however, is something almost nobody would have expected.

It’s a movement that questions the status quo of romantic relationships and the standards of dating in general.
This surprising change in tastes has swept the dating scene, especially in cultures where height and a full head of hair have historically been regarded desirable traits in males.

Ladies nowadays are, purportedly, gravitating toward shorter, balder guys.

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8 Comments on But They Better Have a Big Bank Account

  1. As soon as old and fat become sought after traits I’m gonna score!

  2. The article was clearly written by a short bald guy.

    Dating trends may change (doubtful) but the criteria for choosing a mate have been pretty much the same for the last 5 thousand years. The ability to protect and provide and have the virility required to sire strong healthy offspring.

    If some women today are going for the short bald guys it is because they have let themselves go, know they can’t compete in the sexual market place and will now settle for a warm body.

  3. As a young fellow, my standards were known to slip as the clock neared two. Biology is a cruel mistress.

  4. Nature’s first green is gold.

    Point of,
    No Return

  5. Hey! What’s wrong with bald???

    I’m partial to men’s hair styles from military short to entirely bald. Never cared for men with long hair.

  6. @Claudia
    May I submit this for your critter collection?
    (Will post a pic link in the next post)

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