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6 Covid Questions That Demand Answers


If the vaccines aren’t preventing contraction or spread, then how are mandates justified?

Why do the triple-vaccinated still have to wear a mask (or two)?

Why is forced-masking continuing (with any ‘covering’ allowed) despite the lack of real-world evidence from TWO YEARS of it that it stops or even slightly curbs the spread of Covid-19, especially OMICRON?

Why hasn’t the definition of “fully-vaccinated” been changed to include boosters?

If OMICRON is a weaker variant with a death and hospitalization rate akin to flu or even the common cold, why are we trying to stop it at all?

Why do their Covid policies ignore or downplay natural immunity?

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  1. Anonymous January 17, 2022 at 7:48 am
    “…Because you would be deader without a mask and vaxx mandates…”

    What a well thought out, rational and logical explanation. No one can argue that line of reasoning. I’m guessing that you’re not a lawyer.

  2. “…Because you would be deader without a mask and vaxx mandates…” – Forever.
    There. Scared ya.

  3. Now we have something in kids that is on the rise, called Mis-C
    They are claiming that it’s a covid response in kids.
    Bullshit! It’s inflammation in major organs, due to the f**king around with their immune systems in giving them the death jab.

  4. Human sheep herders don’t have or give actual answers, its just patter. Stop whining and keep your mind shut.

  5. I foolishly entered the people’s republic of northern virginia yesterday. I first went to tyson’s corner mall and saw thousands of sheep with masks. Then I met my son at the NRA shooting range and almost nobody was wearing masks. I saw NO masks on the people behind the counter and the range officers. It was quite refreshing.

  6. All the questions have the same answer:
    Because to do so would weaken the drive to totalitarian control, and it would stop the money flow from the (relatively) poor to the rich and powerful.

  7. How about:
    Why are hospitals allowed the kill 85% of their patients with ventilators?
    Why are hospitals still denying cheaper alternatives for treatment?
    Why is Fauci still alive?

  8. I’m not dead yet and I’m not vaccinated or intend to be and I’m almost 69. They can kiss my ass over their unlawful, unconstitutional, ungodly vax mandates. I intend to live well into my 80’s and early 90’s like my parents and my uncles did, so there.

  9. @Shang Kwon, we’re working on it, targeting the specific DNA of individuals in specific group, in both the vaccines & the pills that will be coming soon.


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