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6 RINOs Who Must Be Ousted In 2022

Blue State Conservative-

#6:  Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

PF: For those who argue that Larry Hogan is governor in a deep-blue state and that it’s better to have a RINO than a Democrat, I would ask you to look at Maryland’s next-door neighbor to the south. Virginia is also a deep-blue state, and one in which a true conservative named Glenn Youngkin was elected governor only four months ago; and he beat his Democratic opponent handily, in fact.

Perhaps it’s because Hogan is in a blue state that he decided to engage in an outrageous display of virtue signaling a few days ago. Since Maryland heavily favors Democrats, maybe Hogan felt it necessary to inexplicably attack Ron DeSantis and Florida’s parental rights protection bill. Perhaps Hogan’s trying to protect himself from losing votes and that’s why he has yet to veto a bill that would increase the number of abortions in his state.

But no matter how you cut it, Larry Hogan is far from conservative, and in most ways he’s no different from a Democrat. Maryland Republican voters should insist that Hogan governs like a Republican and not a woke Democrat. I probably sound like a broken record, but it’s true: Conservatism works. Whether we’re talking about fiscal policy or social issues, conservatism is effective and logical, and it’s worth fighting for. 


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  1. I’ll smoke this:

    DeSantis – President
    Palin – Vice President
    Trump – Attorney General

    Millions of Progressive/Commie heads exploding plus Swamp suicides for extra points…

    Border closed…

    Wall building resumed…

    Pedophiles arrested…

    Antifa, BLM prosecuted…

    Soros arrested…

    Hillary, Biden, Fauci, Gates (et al) prosecuted…

    Pfizer & Moderna shut down by Congress.

    FED terminated…

    National Bank Of The United States established with precious metal standard, silver & gold coinage re-established…

    (Gotta stop here, I’m out of control…)

    Go ahead, commence booing in 3…2…1…

  2. It’s only logical that if possible Trump needs to serve one more term. I think it was Mr. Pinko who once said “We need Trump as President so a guy like Cruz can become President” Well the same applies to DeSantis and this time in spades. The same people here that took issue with Trump running the first time around are doing it again. We get it, you don’t like Trump. These bastards and their media complex will treat DeSantis the same way they treated Trump. Trump doesn’t need to worry about a second term. Trump needs four years to cut some throats of non elected Government Bureaucrats and inflict as much damage to the deep state as possible so a guy like DeSantis can have a productive Presidency.
    Pro Trump news has a good piece on why Trump backed Oz. You should read it.

  3. I am in general agreement with Brad, although like Loco I find myself rolling my eyes at some of Trump’s actions.
    I thought Oz had dropped out because he didn’t want to give up Turkish citizenship. What I do know is that on his TV show he has pushed some very liberal concepts.

  4. I was on the Republican party telephone list where they asked for money. I asked the caller if Liz Cheney was still a member of the Republican party, and when the solicitor said “yes,” I told her not to call me until Cheney was out. I think they had heard that on numerous occasions before.

  5. Something else to consider. The “Adults” are going to leave us with zero foreign policy and 20 percent of our population will be here illegally. China will be running unrestricted on the world stage. Nobody has ever managed these problems better than DJT.

  6. Excellent Wyatt!
    Brad, I love Donald J. Trump but DAMN! He can be his own worst enemy.
    I don’t hear DeSantis EVER shooting himself in the foot.

    One of Trump’s main issues was personnel decisions.
    He hired some serious fucksticks.

    He needs someone by his side to call him out.
    “Wait, what Mr. President? You want to bring on Omarosa?”
    Trump: Why, is that a bad idea?


    And YES the MSM will and have been attacking DeSantis.
    That said, Trump sets himself up for a lot of bullshit.
    He likes to fight, we need a fighter but CHOOSE YOUR FUCKING BATTLES WISELY!!!

  7. Watching from Canuckistan;

    DeSantis seems very good so far.
    But It would be nice for Trump to lop off some Heads for 4 years, followed by a reasonable DeSantis for a couple terms (If he is worthy)

    Canada is Fucked. Don’t give a shit anymore.


    The Ronny hater GWB teamed up with his acolyte BHO to get the Communist (at that time) to defeat Reagan Republican! Joe (the conservative) destroyed Lisa in the primary. GWB, who hated Reagan folk as much 12 years ago as he does today, teamed up with BHO to defeat Joe.

    A historic election for 3 reasons:

    Neither of the “2 parties” supported their man! Both supported a Communist. The acolyte told his leader , “We will support the Commie, BUT YOU MUST TAKE HER!” (Ace’s guess; but I agree its good.)
    2. The only time in Alaska history a
    Communist won an election – AS A WRTIE IN! Since
    Joe destroyed her in the primary she was not on the ballot.
    3. The winner immediately changed party and joined the GOP. GOP (Mitch and friends) welcomed the Commie with open arms.

    Lisa is not as far left as GWB but she is a leftist. Her votes should be expected – given how she was elected! She will always be a BUSH REPUBLICAN! If GWB did not hate Ronny she would never have won! Because Bush hates
    Ronny he accepted BHO’S terms and the 2 UNIPARTY teams defeated Joe!

    Belated disclosure.
    I NEVER VOTED FOR GWB! He has for 23 years made me look clairvoyant! I am not. But his hatred was clear to see – IF YOU CARED – and I DID/DO!

  9. Have to thank the Demoncrats ?????
    Since the dumb f*ck Republicans of Illinois keep voting for Kinzinger,
    the Demoncrats jerrymandered the districts and eliminated his seat.
    He will retire, but never fear, he’ll come back as a Demoncrat in a different district probably running as a Republican again

  10. “#5: Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger ”

    That punk already not seeking re-election.
    Dr. fraud, I meant Dr. Oz should be defeated in the primaries.

    Trump got bad advice on that. Most likely from Jared Kushner.


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