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6 States Giving The Finger to Obama’s ‘Gender-Neutral Bathroom’ Order


IJ: The ink was barely dry on President Obama’s guidance regarding gender-neutral bathrooms – the administration told U.S. public schools on Friday to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms according to gender identity – when opposing voices started shouting.

And at least 7 of those voices in 6 states—so far—belonged to high-ranking state officials, beginning with North Carolina, where HB2 brought the controversy to the forefront:

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R)

– Says the U.S. Justice Department is displaying “overreach” by warning legal action and withholding federal funds unless HB2—which limits bathroom/locker room use to the gender on an individual’s birth certificate—is scrapped.


19 Comments on 6 States Giving The Finger to Obama’s ‘Gender-Neutral Bathroom’ Order

  1. It’s time for that “Convention of the States”. We need a remedy, as prescribed in the Constitution.

    Let’s start by repealing the 17th Amendment and putting Term Limits on the House.

  2. Why isn’t the left attacking what they seem to be going after? Families. No more ‘family’ restrooms with diaper facilities. Who is to say what diaper goes where? Birth control and Obamacare plans for all. Now flush!

  3. States can easily ignore any Obama edicts. He has 6 months to go and all this nonsense will be rescinded and tossed on the junk pile by President Trump.

  4. Giving Zero a figurative finger is not enough!
    He needs to feel the boots of millions of Americans on his ass.

    Crush his girly ego by throwing him out before his term expires and before he gets the chance to pardon all the criminals he intends to shield from prosecution. Impeach him today, so that ALL his actions can be voided by any future legitimate government we may put together.

    He’s given us more than enough leverage to do so.
    Not doing so, establishes the precedent that Government uses its Laws and power arbitrarily (politically).

  5. In a related issue, if I should somehow be forced by a shopping circumstance into a Tarzzheatt store, I’d make the management check to be sure only females are in the female restrooms, before letting my wife into one.

    I would watch that door, and should any confused dude, who for the day at least decides to self identify as a woman, thinks he is going in, he would instantly meet my inner Samauri/Mossad female warrior persona!

    It might be messy, (“Blood and guts cleanup crew to the ladies’ restroom at the sorefornt end of aisle 17” ASAP), but it would certainly be a happy ending should I prevail!!!

  6. Interestng how all the governors and attorneys general in the article had Rs after their names. It sure shows who’s got MY back.

    I was never a big fan of the two-party system, and in fact have been registered as an independent voter for 41 years. But I’m putting all Democats on notice today that every last one of them can kiss my big, fat, white-privileged, Christian, Muslim-distrusting, taxpaying, English-speaking, law-abiding, Ivy League-educated, heteronormative ass.

    You ‘ve been representing somebody else, not me, this past half-century.

  7. sidebar story, Trump has reversed himself on transgender bathrooms, locker rooms, and says it is a states’ rights issue.

    Finally Donald. It took you long enough.

  8. The decree was never intended for the mostly Red States, Obama knew they would resist.

    Obama is providing cover to allow progressives states to implement and nudge their populations further left. The local governments can make the change and blame it on Obama’s decree.

    This is a win-win for Obama: Advance the agenda of progressives and harass conservatives.

  9. The good citizens (not serfs) of the USofA need to stand up and kick O’Bozo in the nuts. . . . oh, wait. . . .

  10. I am a bible believer- notice I did not say Christian- most so called Christians are belly worshipers that have itchy ears that want to be soothed. with–you are a good person- God loves you as you are and you are special. This nation has fallen deeper than Sodom and Gomorrah, in sin. To allow this transgender- gay pride- women on women sin to continue will be our downfall. God will not be silent but he will allow the world to fall deeper into sin. and when he unleashes
    his anger then woe unto you that call good evil and evil good.
    Those in positions of power may want to look in a mirror.
    have a nice day 🙂

  11. Utah Governor:

    Herbert made his position clear Friday, calling the directive “one of the most egregious examples of federal overreach I have ever witnessed.”

    “Unfortunately, this is exactly what I have come to expect from the Obama administration,” Herbert said in his statement. “If we have to fight this order, we will not hesitate to do so.


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