600lb Coke Dealer Brought To Court In Ambulance – IOTW Report

600lb Coke Dealer Brought To Court In Ambulance


An ambulance backed up to the loading dock at the Hamilton County Courthouse was designated as a courtroom Wednesday morning.

Inside was 42-year-old Kirk Lenell Smith, who is believed to weigh more than 600 pounds.

It was the easiest way for Smith to appear before Common Pleas Judge Tom Heekin to plead guilty and be sentenced.  More

16 Comments on 600lb Coke Dealer Brought To Court In Ambulance

  1. Most coke dealers weigh 60 pounds

  2. I wish the judge had sentenced him to probation instead of incarceration. That way fat boy would be on the hook for his own medical expenses.

  3. Wow! How much Coke do you have to drink to weight 600 lbs.?!

    Oh. coke? As in cocaine. Never mind.

  4. He’s been in prison for a long time by the looks of him he’s just to weak in the mind to do anything about it. Real prison might save his life.

  5. Maybe meth would have been better for his weight…

  6. A “lost” fork and missing enablers would be better!
    The drugs didn’t do that.
    He did!

  7. How the hell did they get him into the ambulance? Also,I wonder if any of the paramedics will be filing insurance claims for hernias and bad backs?

  8. Your Honor I needed the money for the Jenny Craig meal plan.

  9. In a heartwarming humanitarian move Mayor Pete has offered to wash the corpulent mans butt daily. Stating to reporters that as a fellow human I just can’t turn my back on this suffering man, and he had better not turn his on me!

  10. How is the prison staff going to take care of Jabba all day? Bring him food, wash him? If anything, THEY are being punished.

  11. He obviously did not sample his own product.

  12. Horseshit journalism on eleventy levels….

    “Hooked up to a blood oxygen monitor”? It’s a f***ing clip you can buy from Amazon for $12. I go thru them like Kleenex. Clearly the fat f*** is short of breath because he’s got a case of TFTB (Too Fat To Breathe). This doesnt merit such excitatory journalism.

    And if hes too breathless to testify, how is he chatty enough to run his empire?

    The best challenge to someone claiming COPD… you sure do talk alot for someone that’s supposed to be short of breath…

    Cranky tonight and the rum is flowing….

  13. I could commence with Fat Jokes but I have Man Boobs

  14. IDK, All this crap is just too heavy for me.


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