6’2″- 220 Pound “Woman” Crushing in Women’s Sports


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  1. She? takes hormones to combat bodily hair and such…..She? is still attracted to women. She? gets to dress up like a girl and have her nails done etc. For God’s sake she just wants everyday to be Halloween in California…..

  2. Ridiculous. This is a really sad young man with mental issues. And I would have more sympathy with them if he wasn’t imposing his issues on everyone else.

  3. By the way, estrogen might grow breasts and reduce muscle mass, but it doesn’t change underlying male bone structure or muscle composition. Millions of older men take estrogen (perhaps in lesser amounts) to control prostate cancer. They don’t become “women”. This is not a woman. This is a man who is taking female hormones, messing with his body and wearing skirts.

  4. There’s a lot of people pumping stuff into their bodies. There is ink from tattoos, hormones, estrogen, and all kinds of weird stuff. A story came out last week about weird men pumping silicone into their bodies to make them bigger.

    The root of all this are people who are very unhappy inside, and there must be billions of them on the planet. They torture their own bodies as a way of seeking self-acceptance and acceptance from others. The end is a miserable slow death or suicide. Getting a better sense of self-esteem in a healthy way is possible, but they don’t want to hear it.

  5. He looks like a quarterback. If he wasn’t a complete psycho, he could probably be a great NFL football player here in “The States”.
    BTW, it will take a woman being disabled or killed by one of these mental cases in order to bring some sanity to this type of situation.

  6. A guy is a guy is a guy if he has a dick even if he/she/it thinks it’s a woman. And that thing is not even a fairly good looking woman at that either. Give it up pal you’re still a guy even if they do a chopadickoffofome on you.

  7. There was a girl (real one) on the Women’s Water Polo Team a couple of Olympics ago named Melissa Seidemann with the same height and weight.

    Like to see her give this guy a shot.

  8. Women will be the biggest losers when they can win any sports or use their own bathroom in privacy.

    When will they have the courage to demand trans have their own categories?

    Never. They will keep punching their favorite target: straight white men.

  9. Transgenderism is the lovely stew of hippocracy that feminazis get to bathe in…as their actual sisters get trounced by these vaginaless misanthropes…

  10. It just occurred to me that we have women’s sports events and men’s sports events. But if there are 30+ genders (according to the left), shouldn’t we have as many sports event categories?

  11. When I read stories about idiots like this I always wonder where the Feminists are? Aren’t they supposed to be trying to protect their fellow women against others taking unfair advantage by men or in this case, a man masquerading as a woman. Also, the woman in this league must be outraged at his presence so why not just quit. All of them and promise to stay out until the league puts in rules to stop this sort of fraud.

  12. Sooooo … the whole world suffers from this distemper?
    Globaloney Warming? Globaloney Kooling? Globaloney Perversion?

    We’re gonna deny reality, the evidence of our own eyes? Our own experience?
    And buy into the sick fantasies of these perverts?
    We’re gonna pretend that we can’t see them?
    We’re gonna stand mute and allow our children and grand-children to be corrupted by them?

    When we tolerate the intolerable, the intolerable becomes commonplace.
    A cancer must be excised – it cannot be negotiated out of existence.

    It wobbles the mind. Civilization is under attack from 360 degrees (spherically) and we are immobilized by the sheer number of missiles.

    Rome fell because it “deserved” to fall.
    Byzantium fell because it “deserved” to fall.
    The British Empire fell because it “deserved” to fall.
    The French Empire fell because it “deserved” to fall.
    The Spanish Empire fell because it “deserved” to fall.
    The Chinese (Han, Sung, Khan, Mao, Xi, Dung … whatever) Empire fell because it “deserved” to fall.
    The Angkor Empire fell because it “deserved” to fall.
    The Macedonian Empire fell because it “deserved” to fall.

    Do we “deserve” this fate? Does western civilization “deserve” to fragment on the basis of illusions and lies?

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. How is a man using drugs to gain an advantage in women’s sports any different than Lance Armstrong taking drugs to have an unfair advantage in the Tour de France?

  14. @ Tuesday
    Being ashamed has somehow been lost in the last 60 years.
    See- public education, Washington DC and the left.

  15. We’re supposed to think it’s normal.

    NO ONE

    Least of all the MSM
    will discuss the

    enormously high suicide rate

    Trans-genders !


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