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66 Abortion Clinics Aren’t Killing Babies Anymore


At least 66 clinics in 15 states have stopped providing abortions since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, according to an analysis released Thursday.

The number of clinics providing abortions in the 15 states dropped from 79 before the June 24 decision to 13 as of Oct. 2, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights. More

11 Comments on 66 Abortion Clinics Aren’t Killing Babies Anymore

  1. But abortion is a wonderful thing.
    At least that’s what every other commercial tells me here in Michigan. God I hate pre election propaganda.

  2. The abortion topic came up at our last family get together.
    When I explained why, for instance, they will say up to 20 weeks for an abortion is that it doesn’t sound as bad as 5 months. It got quiet and they desperately tried to change the subject. Made them think though.

  3. My go line is still, be sure to pause between the 2 lines so they both soak in.

    When it comes to guns, it’s all about “the children”.
    When comes to abortion, they can’t kill “the children” fast enough.

    Also, they will just bus them to another clinic in the liberal zones.

  4. Well don’t sit in front of one of them even if they are closed. The FBI will track your ass down a shoot you.

  5. -Over 99% of abortions are for the convenience of the woman, not because of rape or medical necessity.
    -Too many women use abortion as their primary method of birth control; they have no regard for human life.
    -Aborting a fetus that is viable outside the womb (7, 8, 9 months) is infanticide.

  6. And that awful BS they spew that words are violence, but dismembering a living human baby is healthcare. Jesus wept.

  7. Such BullShit–

    Birth control pills are too much of a problem BUT…
    Killing an unborn child in the womb is NO problem.

    Unexplainable liberal logic, pure and simple.

    They CAN NOT explain their stupidity no matter how they try.

  8. I just hope everybody will join me, in licking the pedestal of The Peaceful Transfer Of Power(TM).

    They’ve earned all the profits. Should keep all the equipment. Deserve eternal rent on the real estate. Until they decide to try again.

  9. Here I thot the official line from PP for years was they don’t do abortions, just referrals. That way the could get Fed money.

  10. Has anyone checked out the ones that are in turn expanding their facilities to make up for it?
    We need a steady supply of those baby parts, right?

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