7-11 looted in downtown Dallas after police officers killed and wounded – IOTW Report

7-11 looted in downtown Dallas after police officers killed and wounded

WFAA8: DALLAS – A 7-Eleven convenience store in downtown Dallas was shut down as the mayhem following an attack on officers poured into its parking lot.

At least five police officers were fatally shot and several more were wounded by gunfire after shots rang out at a protest through downtown Dallas streets Thursday night.

Hundreds of people packed into the parking lot of a 7-Eleven at Griffin and San Jacinto as a massive police presence pushed crowds away from the chaotic scene of the attack.

News 8’s crews stationed near the 7-Eleven saw people taunting officers who were protecting the building. Many were drunk and some were believed to be stealing from inside the convenience store.

Some poured alcohol on News 8’s vehicles in the parking lot, forcing our crews to move.


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14 Comments on 7-11 looted in downtown Dallas after police officers killed and wounded

  1. I am sorry but you wonder why most white people and even a few Mexicans do not like black people-it took five officers to get killed just so these people could get a free beer BY ROBBING a store. May the wrath of the Lord follow these people all the way into hell.

  2. Because nothing tops off the night murdering 5 police officers like a little drunken looting.

    It’s amazing that people will live with them.

  3. What’s amazing is how much the little bitch reporter on the fox4(?), when asked by her station that nite about 0030PDT, couldn’t say why police were standing there in front of the store. It was the next morn when this story about the looting came out.

    She didn’t wanna cause any ‘racism’ I guess

  4. This is why convenience stores are euphemistically called Stop and Robs. I don’t go into 7-11’s any more and tend to avoid convenience stores like the plague. Besides they overcharge for everything which is an incredible ripoff that these idiots haven’t figured out or care to for that matter, all that matters is it’s convenient sort of.

  5. There is Law, and there is Order.
    You can have all the Law you want, but when people are allowed to trespass, loot, destroy there is no order.
    Without order, the bonds of civility are broken and crimes occur on an exponentially larger scale.
    There needs to be curfew put in place and protests need t0 be shut down the instant violence against property occurs. Roll out a Mobile PA and announce play time is over and arrest those who don’t move with alacrity

  6. They probably stole only the fresh fish, looking for some protein for a well balanced meal.

  7. We are getting a preview of what it will be like when the SHTF.
    Worry not, but prepare accordingly.

  8. Never let a crisis go to waste!

    This is the preaching of Emanuel and Obola for the past 8 years.

    Actually, I’m kinda surprised they didn’t hit a bank, or Jewelry Store … I guess they think small …

    izlamo delenda est …

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