7 Reasons Why the Uranium One Scandal Won’t Go Away

ET: The mainstream press has repeatedly declared the Russian purchase of Uranium One a “debunked conspiracy theory.” But it’s no theory, nor has it been debunked. The Uranium One deal was complicated and had many moving parts, which also explains why misinformation about it has spread widely. Claims such as “the Russians gave Clinton $145 million” and “Clinton sold American uranium to the Russians” are great soundbites, but are factually inaccurate.

It’s true that the Clinton Foundation received undisclosed millions from Uranium One stakeholders—such as the $2.35 million from board Chairman Ian Telfer. The Obama administration did allow the Russians to acquire domestic nuclear assets critical to U.S. national security. But minor inaccuracies in the soundbites have allowed self-appointed fact-checkers such as PolitiFact and Snopes to selectively “debunk” the larger story without critically examining the full set of facts.

In the coming months, readers may find the Uranium One scandal coming back into focus. For that purpose, it’s time to set the record straight.  more here

5 Comments on 7 Reasons Why the Uranium One Scandal Won’t Go Away

  1. It may not go away, but unless the MSM gets behind exposing it, or some major politician(s) make it part of their campaign goals, the average people and voters will no little or nothing about it, much less care about it.

  2. Wake me up when they put the blindfold on and light the cigarette for the Hildabeast.

  3. That’s nice.

    But the then director of the FBI stood up in front of the nation and enumerated the violations of USC 18 that Hillary committed while SOC.

    And nothing happened.

  4. Damn, I was so transfixed by that beauty that I didn’t hear a thing she said. I better stick to reading.


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