7 Year-Old Girl Has Amputated Leg Reattached Backwards

KFI- Amelia Eldred was diagnosed with bone cancer in her femur and doctors had to amputate her leg to stop the cancerous tumor from spreading. Normally, doctors would remove the entire leg, but in Amelia’s case, doctors were able to perform a rare surgery called rotationplasty, which doctors said would allow her to “have a more active lifestyle and better leg function” in the future.

To perform the surgery doctors had to remove the middle section of her leg which stretched from the bottom of her femur to the upper part of her tibia, including her knee join.  Then, they took the lower part of her leg and rotated it 180 degrees before reattaching it to her femur. By doing this, her ankle can function as a kneecap, making it easier for Amelia to use a prosthetic limb in the future.  more here

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  1. I guess doctors to go vote, and could not decide which way to do it. So they split the difference and had one going each way.


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