70 Years of Pop Music In 17 Minutes

The songs given in this video aren’t necessarily good or memorable, but each did spent the most time on the Billboard charts for that given year.


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  1. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s classic.

    Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good.
    (Lowest common denominator comes into play here.)

    Not saying there was no good music in the Top 40, but I gave up on AM radio around 1972.
    And it’s WAY worse now.
    Scroll thru the AM dial. Go ahead, do it.

    See what I mean?

  2. Jethro – I agree. When it go into the 2000s I started losing interest, especially when technology synthesizes “talent”! As I look back on it, I think that’s when I really started appreciating Blue Grass, acoustic and collecting historical music.

  3. Geezzz I thought MC5 would be right up there.

    That reminds me, what do you call a horse with wings? (Pegasus)
    What do you call a dog with wings? (Linda McCartney)

  4. I checked out on the music scene about 1986. Don’t recognize any of it after that. I don’t know what you call it, but that synthesized voice modification is crap.

  5. Actually I think there are some groups producing some great music. But you never hear them and they never seem to make it to the big markets. We use to have a “progressive” rock station here in town. great stuff. They shut down a couple years ago so we’re sentenced to listening to the same shit I listened to when I was 20. It was good back then but damn, enoughs enough.

  6. I forced myself to sit through that. Some thoughts, I still hate the Beatles. I hate disco. I hate rap and hip hop with every fiber of my being. And people have the nerve to make fun of me being a Meat fan and they listen to that shit? Where’s the Bob Seger? Jackson Browne? Paul Davis? Boz Skaggs? Hell, even Journey and Foreigner beats the fuck out of that ought crap.

  7. Black people have some of the most amazing singing voices in the world , some voices are like instruments of their own. It’s a shame Black’s chose the computer over their own voices !

  8. Except The Monkees weren’t a real band. Another band played that music.

    Many of those late 50s and early 60s songs were still playing on the radio in the early 70s.

    So many cringe-worthy videos/songs. I got the creeps from “Tonight’s the Night”. While others are still classics and hold up well. Like Ray Stevens’ The Streak. 😀 I had no idea it held a top spot. Damn, the 70s were something else.

    I knew the 70s were over and I was old at 23 when DEVO came out with Whip It and they became popular. Ya gotta be kidding me.

  9. What were we smoking in the early 70’s for In The Year 2525 to make the cut as best song of the year. I still hate this song with a purple passion. Most of the music even from the 40’s and 50’s was good until the music went to hell after the late 70’s to early 80’s.

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