74-Year-Old Rancher Sues Feds For Placing Spy Cam On Property


DAILY CALLER:A 74-year-old rancher from Encinal, Texas, is suing the federal government after he found a surveillance camera on his property, and subsequently refused to give it back to authorities.

Ricardo Palacios, who is also an attorney, is specifically filing suit against the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Texas Ranger Division, including two agents of the respective agencies. The forthcoming case was first reported by Ars Technica on Thursday.

Several months ago, Palacios was taking a stroll on his ranch and stumbled upon a small portable camera with an antenna fastened to a tree. Not long after removing the recording device, which was situated on his property near his son’s home, Palacios received phone calls from CBP officials and Texas Rangers, each one claiming they were the owners of the camera and ordering him to give it back, reports Ars Technica.  READ MORE

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  1. What the heck is wrong with this guy. This is to watch criminals illegal aliens. This idiot is a Hispanic fuc I bet that he wanted to have all the criminals illegal aliens coming to the USA . Suck it up this is for protection of the American citizens.

  2. The property is inside the 100 mile Zone of Constitutional Abrogation (my phrasing) where travelers can be searched without consent or probable cause, but ten miles outside the 25 mile zone where Feds can enter private property at will. Putting that camera there without his consent, beating his kid and harassing him constantly is official oppression.

    Either that or somebody is running wets and dope through his land. The lawsuit might compel production of that information.

  3. I don’t live on the border, so know little about private land near the border, but it would still seem they would have to ask for permission.

  4. IRONY: The Feds can place a camera on your property, but the MO Governor takes naughty pics of his girlfriend and he’s charged with FELONY invasion of privacy. Weird.

  5. He should have left it there and hired a Mexican teenager to run past it a couple of times a day just to give the Border patrol something to do besides sit on their asses and monitor cameras.

  6. The Feds should have gotten his permission, but if push comes to shove, I guess the Feds could always eminent domain part of his property.

  7. @Vietvet February 23, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Should’ve hired someone to make sweet monkey love to Lena Dunham. Every single day. And. Make. Them. Watch.

  8. @Anonymous (synonymous_with_carcinomatous – see above): I’m going to make a rare exception to my policy of not responding to or commenting on “anonymous” comments by saying this: You, sir, have overstepped the bounds of moral decency. Were this a war crimes trial, you would have been convicted of a crime against humanity and sentenced to death by means that the courts would normally consider to be cruel and unusual punishment.

    May Hugh Hefner have mercy on your soul.


  9. The fed govt, esp the obozo administration, LOVES surveillance cameras. You should see Washington DC the cameras are everywhere & the DC Democrat authorities track vehicle movements and speeds and try to generate $$$$ through speeding tickets–everywhere. DC is an armed camp and I would advise against ever going there unless absolutely necessary.

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