75% of “The Squad” Has Been Investigated for Campaign Finance Abuses


The so-called “squad” has more in common than their relative youth and progressive politics – facing allegations of campaign finance fraud. As of writing, 75% of the “squad” has been in, or is currently in that predicament.

The most recent to find themselves under investigation is Rashida Tlaib. According to the House Ethics Committee, “Rep. Tlaib’s campaign committee, Rashida Tlaib for Congress, reported campaign disbursements that may not be legitimate and verifiable campaign expenditures attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes. If Rep. Tlaib converted campaign funds from Rashida Tlaib for Congress to personal use, or if Rep. Tlaib’s campaign committee expended funds that were not attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes, then Rep. Tlaib may have violated House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law.”

At the center of the complaint is the allegation that Tlaib potentially converted campaign funds to personal funds by paying herself a salary during a disallowed period (after November 6th, 2018). The payments were a $2,000 payment on November 16th and $15,500 payment on December 1st. Tlaib’s campaign had authorized a bi-weekly salary of $2,000 for her, so the $15,500 payment is extremely unusual.
And she’s not the only one.

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  1. Well, as long as a stronlgy worded memo — at least a verbal warning — is on the way, I’ll just roll over on the couch stand down.

  2. congress investigating themselves?

    yea, that will bring about justice for the guilty.


    time for public investigations and courts by the people!

  3. I hear the NAACP is gonna investigate Pressley for endorsing “that white woman” Liz Warren instead of Booker, Patrick or Harris

  4. The Klown Posse – not The Squat.
    The only reason it’s 75% is cuz they ain’t got to the other one, yet.

    The House protects its own – and just as a dog returns to his vomit, House Members return to fraud and corruption – it’s not just what they do, it’s who they ARE!
    Pelosi is, truly, the Leader of the Pack.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. So?

    Laws are for O-T-H-E-R people, not for our Democrat RULERS…

    …if House Dems do ANYTHING, It will be to chide her for stealing so LITTLE…

  6. The Squad? or is it, The Squid?!

    The plural of squid is squid, you know.
    And they are all slimy, spineless, slippery(ie, evil) and fish-smelling.

  7. The other 25% are as yet undiagnosed.

    However, “finding themselves under investigation” doesn’t excite me. “Finding themselves on the way to prison” would be the ticket to Excitementland.

    After watching the Schiff Show going on in the house sponsored by Nancy, Jerry, and Adam. Does anyone actually think the House Ethics Committee actually cares about good ethical behavior? And has any intent to punish bad ethical behavior?

  8. Remember 8 years ago when the liberal liar – Trey – said GWB’s girl Lerner would be in jail by ’13? The Deep state has been protecting its own since ’90; and BWG’s girl proves they do it well! As Bill said 500 years ago “…signifying nothing!”! Congressional investigations have been a fraud for 16 years!


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