75 rounds of pistol ammo found underneath house, nearby homes evacuated

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Gun Free Zone:

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department’s Bomb Squad was called to a Southwest Side neighborhood Saturday after dozens of rounds of ammunition were found underneath a home.The ammunition was discovered on the 7900 block of Dempsey Drive, near Old Pearsall Road and Southwest Military Drive, around 2:45 p.m. Saturday.

Capt. Troy Balcar of the San Antonio Fire Department said a family member found a sealed box with

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  1. They called out the bomb squad for dozens of pistol ammo? What do they need to call out for the multi-million dozens of pistol and rifle ammo stored in Federal Buildings?

  2. The stupid. At times it becomes solid and palpable. Moves among us and makes itself known.

    Bear witness children, and mark well those whose heads are full of fuck.

  3. Apparently before .40 caliber was manufactured, they also hadn’t figured out how to stop brass and lead from rusting.

  4. At the link to the original story is this :

    “This is the second time old ammunition has been found at the home. Just last week, the bomb squad spent about half an hour disposing of shotgun shells found there.”

    Stupid repeats itself!

  5. I have sealed surplus ammo from the 1940s & 1950s.
    I’ve had it for 18 years and they haven’t grown legs, moved, attempted to load themselves into a gun or tried to hurt anyone.

    Maybe I’m fortunate to have peace loving ammo.

  6. In defense of the police and fire departments in nearby San Antonio, they probably just didn’t have a coke dealer to escort safely across town today.

  7. 75 rounds is not enough ammunition to make a worthwhile trip to the range.
    One has to buy 500-1000 rounds to get a decent price, and if you go to the range once a month or more, even that won’t last long.

  8. I wish that a picture of the found “ammunition” had been posted with the story.
    Along with the questions of the intelligence and the sanity of: the homeowners; the po-po; the fire department and its chief —
    there was also brought into question just what kind of ammo was found? 40 cal pistol ammo (not necessarily 40S&W)? 40 cal rifle ammo? 40mm practice grenades?

    Inquiring minds, and all that.

  9. “” 40 year old .40? Yeah, right.

    75 rounds? There’s probably that much in handloads lost on the floor of my basement lair.

    So much fail in one confined space. “”

    Friggin hellariass

  10. I have close to 25,000 rounds of ammo and several hundred pounds of reloading power. It’s in a vault 200 ft. From the house. Been there in various forms for 30+ years. I shoot it as fast as I can.

  11. Might have 44-40. In either case they are most likel;y incorrect about what they found. Don’t know how it may have rusted??
    Never count on a true account from a hoplophobe.

  12. Clearly this calls for some action by any and all responsible city councils to pass bills, sign into laws, and execute unconstitutional overreaching searches into the homes of white, male, Christian, heterosexual, LEGAL citizens of America

    and you’ll have to sue us to stop us…

  13. 75 rounds?!?

    OMG. Doesn’t *everybody* know those ROUND BULLETS are the most deadly ones?!?

    Everybody PANIC!!!

  14. A. Would like to get ahold of the time travel machine the original owner used over 40 years ago to buy ammo not invented yet.

    B. It’s these kind of stories that scare me the most. The ones where those with power are too stupid to wield it wisely and so they ruin lives with their ignorance.

    C. I’ve never heard of a box of ammo that held 75 rounds. Something’s amiss with that part of the story, too.

    D. This is the kind of reporting that influences the ignorant to call a box of ammo an “arsenal” and think even having a gun and ammo means something bad automatically.

    I had a BiL say once that no one needs 500 rounds of ammo – it must mean something bad. I walked him through a weekend of target shooting and added it up showing him it wasn’t even one weekend’s worth of ammo. When I saw he had 4 rifles in his closet, I asked him why he needed an arsenal like that in his house. ‘Who needs more than one gun?’ I asked him. ‘You must be up to something bad’ Boy he got all backed up over that. Stammering how it’s NOT AN ARSENAL!!. ‘Yeah, well that’s what’s happening when someone says 500 rounds is an arsenal when it’s really not’.

    He got the point.

  15. I’m sure if it was a Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft shell with a 2 lb. warhead I would be concerned. Or is it poor reporting of what the shells actually are. If it is a .40 cal (in the news clip it sounds like he says “.30 cal”) then we are dealing with fire departments using calls like this to justify their budgets and union jobs. So many vehicles and supervisors for something so simple. They obviously need a new aerial truck and additional staffing to keep then city folks safe.

  16. Thank goodness it wasn’t a bowling ball used as a cannon ball … might have had to evacuate the whole southwest!

  17. What this does is plant in the minds of the ignorant that ammo is so unstable and dangerous that any amount should be illegal to own.

  18. Was they in cliks or margarines?

    Cuz my SS guys says that shit can blow up … like heck … if it bees in the rong manner. Something about a corrupted procastinator … makes dirty sooty shit all over yer gun.

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