75 Years Ago: Battle of the Bulge

History.com: Called “the greatest American battle of the war” by Winston Churchill, the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes region of Belgium was Adolf Hitler’s last major offensive in World War II against the Western Front. Hitler’s aim was to split the Allies in their drive toward Germany. The German troops’ failure to divide BritainFrance and America with the Ardennes offensive paved the way to victory for the allies.

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  1. Anyone interested in this subject should read John Toland’s “Battle: The Story of the Bulge” if they want to get a very good account that was written in 1959, when many of the participants were still alive.

  2. had an uncle in the 1st. landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day, was in the Bulge & wounded & presumed dead in the Ruhr Pocket offensive … he never talked about his experiences … had a lot of PTSD (that we never acknowledged or recognized, back in the day)

    God bless these men that sacrificed themselves so the rest of us live peaceful, normal lives (& they continue to do so today)

  3. Recently had an older gentleman (mid to late nineties) that lived in our village passed away. His kids found a trunk with a large amount of memorabilia that included numerous decorations from his participation in the Battle of the Bulge.

    Never ever spoke about any of it and his kids and neighbors knew nothing of his service.

  4. The last poker game for several men
    was with my dad.When the squadron went
    out there were always a few planes that
    never made it back.

  5. My Dad never spoke to me of the War.
    He was a (primarily) P-47 sheet metal mechanic (ground crew).

    But once, he walked into the room where my sons were watching some show about the Battle of the Bulge and he stopped to watch and said “Coldest winter of my life.”
    Then moved on to whatever it was he was doing.

    izlamo delenda est …


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