75,000 Obamacare Consumers Affected by Data Breach

Breitbart: Approximately 75,000 people who entered their personal information into Healthcare.gov had their data compromised last month after hackers infiltrated the government-run portal used to help people enroll in health insurance plans, officials said Friday.

The Obamacare portal breach comes two weeks before the start of the six-week open enrollment period for consumers to sign up for health care coverage, the Washington Post reported.

Despite the breach, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) administrator Seema Verma insisted that “open enrollment will not be negatively impacted.”

Officials with the agency said they first noticed problems in the enrollment portal on October 13 when it opened to agents and brokers. Officials detected the breach on Thursday, and federal authorities have started to investigate the breach.

CMS spokesperson Johnathan Monroe said customers who use the Healthcare.gov website available to the general public were not affected.

“This concerns the [insurance] agent and broker portal, which is not accessible to the general public,” he said.  more here

4 Comments on 75,000 Obamacare Consumers Affected by Data Breach

  1. If this were a private enterprise, the victims could hold them accountable in court. The gruberment, not so much. If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait ’til it’s free.

  2. If a private company that provides machines to a medical center or insurance company that contains patient data and the data is hacked the FDA / HHS or related fed gov or state agency would hand them a hefty fine for the violation. But they leave themselves off the hook.

    Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay a fine due to failure of an government agency to protect data – instead the guilty agency should be hit with a substantial budget reduction forcing cuts in perks for the department at least until performance standards meet & exceeds requirements, and the firing of individuals responsible for data security, if current data security updates and practices were not in place. That won’t happen, but it ought too.

  3. Yet another of Obama’s accomplishments. I recall the cost of said website was 5 billion and it was riddled with issues including security breaches from the start. I’m sure he won’t be taking credit for this continued debacle at his ‘rallys’.


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