77 70s Singers Who Died

Oddly, I never heard of 7 of them.

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  1. Not that Van McCoy was a singer.

    There were four that I had not heard of either the singer or the group they were in.

  2. I need to rant a bit.

    Fuck John Denver. May his soul never rest. That little LOUSEbound piece of shit carried Californication into CO for big profit. His new age leanings brought promiscuity into the heartland. His demonic beliefs ruined a wonderful part of God’s great creation. We need to take it back.

    Fuck John Denver.

    He did that West Virginia song, where the Blue Ridge Mountians ARE NOT IN WEST VIRGINIA, and the Shenandoah River merely kisses the state’s border for a dozen or so miles.

    FUCK John Denver. Fuck him in his dead ass. May his soul always weep for what he prostituted himself to be.

    Hey,, what were John Denver’s last words?

    “Glub glub glub.”

  3. Can’t agree more.
    Alvin Lee is in my top 5 guitar players folder.
    Ten Years After’s “Watt” was one that got worn out prematurely.

  4. Looks like entertaining has a higher mortality rate than plumbing!

    Guess they all got Wuhan Flu?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I’m starting to put the puzzle pieces together to uncover the greatest conspiracy in human history.

    If I followed the subtle clues in that video correctly….it seems as if you were popular 50 years ago….you might currently be…dead.

    Mind. Blown.

  6. OK… first off, the ONLY good thing about the ’70’s, was January 1, 1980 (or more specifically, January 20, 1981 – look it up).

    With the exception of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and handful of others, it was musically – as in MOST ways – a decade best FORGOTTEN. 🙄

  7. What, the list stops before it gets to Z? Where’s Warren Zevon and Frank Zappa?

    I’m sure there are plenty of other voices from the 70s missing, but those two stood out for me.

  8. Alvin Stardust…hmm.

    David Bowie is dead? or is this some kind of trick video. I’ll take your word for it, though.

    And flip, have you ever seen “The John Denver Experience” episode of South Park? One of their best.

  9. They left George Floyd off the list! He was a one hit wonder singing his signature song “I Can’t Breathe” as a ten minute opera!

  10. Also left out….
    Marty Robins, Sept 1926-1982
    Singer, songwriter, actor, Multi-instrumentalist and NASCAR driver.
    Nearly a forty year career in country and western music. (excerpts from Wiki)

  11. Flip, I like your style. Glad John Denver is dead now too. Never realized I should have hated him so much.

  12. Probably more 60s than 70s but Melvin Franklin “the man with the bottomless voice” of the Temptations should have rated.

  13. They should have included Aaron Aardvark. Right after his birth in 1975 and continuing non-stop for 12 hours he sang a beautiful cover of Roy Orbison’s hit “Crying”.

  14. Apparently having a thing with Mrs Jones was good for Billy Paul’s longevity

    Cheating bastard lived until 81

  15. I thought I was joking about Billy Paul. Only four others, out of 77 reached 81, and only one other black dude

  16. Mr. Hat, thank you for the walk down memory lane

    a lot of good music came out of that time period and still plays well 50 years later

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