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7th Grader Goes For 10 Grand With an Improbable Task to Complete

Meet Jarid Lundeen. A 7th-grader. From Minot, North Dakota. He needs to make a layup, a free-throw, a three pointer, and a half-court shot in under 25-seconds — to win $10,000…

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  1. Lebron James through him self on the floor kicking and screaming like a little bitch because a ref wouldn’t call a foul on the guy guarding him a couple games back.
    Pretty awesome performance by the kid.

  2. Joe6, Rex is a former disgraced University of Kentucky basketball player and pro who was caught shoplifting among other things.
    He is a total dirtbag asshole.

    He’s an ultra-leftist, socialist, Trump hating, MAGA bashing piece of shit.
    His post on iotw drags iotw through the mud.

  3. I read a few days ago that Shaque only made one three-point shot during his whole NBA career. This kid rocks! I’m betting he’s an Air Force brat, too.

  4. Nobody GAS about Rex Chapman. I didn’t even see who posted the clip. Joe6Pak didn’t even know what you were talking about. Neither did I. Rex Chapman is not on the site. I don’t feel dragged through the mud. I feel as if I watched a great uplifting film on a screen that said in the corner “Property of Rex Chapman.” The screen means shit all to me. What was projected on it is all that matters.

  5. Oops Kramer.

    But, I ran across Chapman. I remember the dude. Played for the Suns. The guy had talent out the wazoo. Loco, what’s your beef jerky?

  6. Sorry but reposting Rex’s stuff, considering what he stands for just stood out to me.
    Consider yourself fortunate not knowing the depravity of the individual.

    If brad is defending him I must LOL!
    Nobody hates Trump & conservatives more than Rex.
    He would wish death upon all of us so go ahead and defend the asswagon.

  7. I know brad hates me so I expect as much “enemy of my enemy” crap from him.

    I simply wonder if we are sending viewers to a person that wishes we were dead, that is all.
    Yes, the story is uplifting.
    That said, I would bet in the history of iotw, there is a post pointing out what an asshole Rex is.
    In fact, I am certain of it.

  8. But the video wasn’t about him. It was about some nine year old sinking baskets from the top of the key like no other. Screw the rest of it.

  9. Yes Brad, and I pointed out that it was tweeted by a man who hates our very existence.

    He does, that is not refuted.
    Of course it can’t be.
    If you wish I will dig up his greatest hits.
    He hates us more than we hate joe biden*…

  10. I was a big NBA fan back in the day. I liked Mike. Mike got destroyed one night by a white guy. I remember this game well and now I remember Rex Chapman. Be damned the politics, this was epic. Hope I got the right link. /youtube.com/watch?v=vePy0gm8fOE&feature=share

  11. Brad, I loved the guy when he was with UK.
    As a Kentucky fan, I cheered for him.
    He wasn’t such a public prick then.
    Sure, he has some redeeming qualities from years past.
    My only pointy is that he hates us. All of us.
    He would NEVER defend you, BFH or any of us.
    That is all.


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