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8 arrested in Oklahoma City for human trafficking following abduction of 15-year old girl

PM: Oklahoma City authorities have charged eight suspects with various counts in connection with a 15-year old girl who went missing from a Mavericks game in April. The girl has since been found.

Thalia Gibson has been charged with offering to engage in prostitution. Kenneth Nelson, Sarah Heyes, and Karen Gonzales have all been charged with human trafficking and distribution of child pornography. Saniya Alexander and Gibson both have outstanding felony warrants. And a woman by the name of Melissa Wheeler has a robbery warrant.

At a Mavericks game in the beginning of April, a 15-year-old girl left her father to use the restroom and never returned to her seat. Concerned, her father alerted authorities at the stadium in Dallas, Texas. By the time the game ended, the girl still had not been found.

The father was instructed to return home. After issuing pleas and concerned notices to the Dallas Police Department, the department refused to open an investigation into the matter. For eleven days, the girl’s family was left in the dark. more

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  1. I’m glad the girl was found and has returned home.

    The girl’s family has a very legitimate beef but they shouldn’t be complaining about the police, but rather about the TX legislature which passed Family Code 51.03 b. 3 and the governor who signed it into law.

  2. As I have gutted and dressed-out dead buck deer I have envisioned appropriate actions taken against pedophiles.

  3. Curious. An article I read earlier today showed both the male and the female suspects, and this one only shows the female. Draw your own conclusions. (BTW: the male suspect is also a registered sex offender. Situations like this only prove that these fuckers can NOT be rehabilitated and should NOT be walking around freely.)

  4. Sex trafficking is an industry that has high risk and pays big bucks, so those in that line of work get up every single day on the hunt for opportunities to abduct children and vulnerable adult women. It’s what they do for a living. I have repeatedly pressed this fact home with our young, attractive, adult daughter; warning her that not everyone who wants to engage her in a random conversation is a simply a random, benign stranger, and to never let down her guard and to always have an exit strategy. It’s a very sad thing to be confronted with the reality of our world today, but to not face things as they are is inviting trouble. Teach your children/grandchildren to NEVER leave the safety of the group by themselves. Always use the buddy system.

  5. if I had unlimited funds I do a sting op like that guy on TV except no obe on one interview with the pedophile just a hit team. get as many as one can get in one weekend then move to the next town.

  6. “Can anyone think of the appropriate medieval tortures for each of them?”

    Well, yes.
    And some ancient tortures, as well.
    Just a question of how long.

    But, of course, we’re civilized … too civilized to put an end to the barbarities.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Long ago they had a truth extractor method of putting a rat in a pail on your stomach then put hot coals from the fire on the pails bottom and the rat would panic from the heat and start digging its way out. Sounds great to me.

  8. “the department refused to open an investigation into the matter.”

    Hmmm, I wonder why? Black, 15, possible gang member, runaway. I can see why. Cops aren’t making any kind of concerted effort to help the public nowadays. Crooked cops are what’s left. I saw them in action during the early stages of the lockdowns. My opinion of them today, isn’t the opinion I had of them 5 years ago. BTW, I thought she ran away with her boyfriend.

  9. Visit any museum of torture and you will see these glorious implements in real life.
    I was the only visitor in a delightful little museum in northern Spain. It had rooms full of torture devices. The entrance had what I thought was a bronze bull sculpture. Nope, it was a brazen bull, a hollow metal shell that, once filled with an unfortunate, was set over an open fire. As the unfortunate was cooked, the screaming emitted was similar to the bellowing of an angry bull.
    This, however, is too generous and humane a treatment for the pieces of filth that sexually exploit others for money, drugs, power, etc. (Looking at you, Democrats)
    copy & paste for link

  10. I can’t find the name of the venue mentioned anywhere, just a Mavericks game. Probably The American Airlines Center. Went To Clapton’s ‘Crossroads Guitar Festival’ there in ’19. Not particularly the nicest facility on the planet and we had VIP passes throughout.

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