8 Healthy Habits of Disgusting People

Sure, no one wants to be around a person one who does any of these nasty things in public, but this video claims that freely engaging in some well-known bodily functions is actually healthy. Watch

10 Comments on 8 Healthy Habits of Disgusting People

  1. This cute little girl from church (who is now a grown woman with 4 kids) used to walk around when she was little constantly picking her nose, and yes she ingested her cave dwellers. Her mom kept telling to to stop doing it to no avail.
    During a pot luck dinner, i was seated next to her. While attempting to get her to try different foods, telling her how good everything was, her mom once again told her, quit picking your nose. So she pulls her finger out, sticks it in her mouth and say to me “i don’t know why i love these things so much”.
    Yes, i tell her small children about there moms notorious nose picking days.

  2. Can’t handle gross at the moment. Just ate out at a table too close to little snotty brats and their children.

  3. I really can’t handle the booger eating, I just don’t see any value, it’s like eating shit.

    Next, the work out spit seems appropriate. However I can’t stand dudes that will spit 22 times in a 10 minute conversation and they’re not chewing. Heck most dudes I know that chew don’t even spit.

  4. Yeah just what we need, yet another way to coarsen our society. What is wrong with people now days.

  5. Kind of bogus science here….. but what do I know?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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