8-Year-Old Refugee Dies After Flight To O’Hare

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CHICAGO (CBS) – An 8-year-old refugee from Congo died Tuesday after landing at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

David Dieme, an 8-year-old boy landed Tuesday at approximately 4:30 p.m. with a refugee family at O’Hare International Airport.

Dieme was traveling with his father and several other children, who arrived to Chicago on a flight from Dubai. After clearing paperwork, the family was being escorted to their next flight, when a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer noticed Dieme unresponsive.

Emergency Medical Services was immediately notified and arrived at the terminal. Standard procedures are in place to address sick passengers, according to a spokesman for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Dieme was sick prior to the flight, but did not report any symptoms on the flight.

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  1. He was pronounced dead at the Presence Resurrection Medical Center? Seems like they’re not doing their job.

  2. The CDC was very quick to determine his illness, whatever it was, wasn’t a threat to public health, since there are no autopsy results yet.

  3. Awwwww…. what a shame. A shame that the rest of the troop wasn’t similarly sick with whatever killed this invasive parasite. I hope no Americans get sick from that diseased little mofo.

  4. So I guess the 8 year old just happened to have a non contagious disease similar to HRC’s non contagious pneumonia. Vote HRC to continue bringing the third world to the US.

  5. I guess I’m supposed to feel bad about this. I don’t. Unless whatever third world disease he was carrying affects Americans.

  6. How long does it take to get autopsy results?
    More than 24 hours? The question REALLY is, how long before the lab test come back with what strain of plague it is.

    This is total bullsh!t and only the beginning of same.

  7. Our gobernment ain’t protecting us folks. No phuckin’ way. I guess the father will go on welfare/ SS right away and then sue the bejaesus out of all involved.
    President Trump will have his hands full with this type of incompetence.

  8. I’m saying that it’s all part of screwing America with Obummercare.
    See, back when we first had our choices stolen from us, fairly quickly the Grubers threw out some 2000 medical codes. Seems obvious that these were for long term citizens who paid, along with their previous generations, pretty much all the fookin bills for this country and now won’t be covered-or maybe less covered. Some many months later, biggovt came out with 13,000 new medical codes, including a dozen for alligator-induced injuries, and that more than likely includes third world crocodiles as well. The whole trip to the USA’s emergency room is all part of the bill.
    Check all the new 13,000 and see if they really apply to Americans and then you’ll know.

  9. I suspect that the people at the other end knew the kid was sick and kept quiet about it and probably counseled the parents to keep quiet also. If they had spoken up they would have been held back while they tried to figure out what was wrong and the lad might be alive today.

  10. What the Hell happened to Ellis Island… where this sort of human shit was immediately sent back to Timbucktoo?

  11. Wait until they find out that what killed the kid has a 15 day incubation period and was extremely contagious.

    Fucking menacing government bastards who allow this, I hope you burn in hell.

  12. Not long ago the governor of Texas said “we ain’t taking no more”. In the article the family hoped to settle in Texas. What are the odds the admin knew the kid had a contagious disease (ebola?) and intentionally sent the family en route as payback?

  13. And this is how the world ends. Or at least Western Civilization.

    A fucking billions-killing pandemic will one day be brought to our shores by some Filthy Mohammedan Savage from some Third World Shithole.

    Read John Ringo’s “The Last Centurion”. Fascinating read.

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