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80 Years Ago Today, Brian Wilson Was Born

It’s Summer; It’s hot; It’s time to hit the beach. With that in mind let’s all celebrate an American original who somehow managed to survive to 80-years-old: Brian Wilson. More

For a revealing documentary on the troubled genius, watch American Masters Here

If all you want right now are some “Good Vibrations”. Listen

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  1. Rich

    I think this

    is it. But Dick Dale pave the way for both “The Bpys” and Jan + Dean.


    It ossible an under age dish washing college kid pu away a few kegs dancin to Dick!
    Who me?

    64 years ago I did surf at TIN CAN BEACH.

    Boards were 84″ and over 125 lbs! No fat surfers!

    Age test
    Who remembers TIN CAN BEACH?

    Where wqs it?

    Dick paved the road for both groups!
    Ventures SUPER COVERED a big hit by The Sufaris. Their cover is second to Bill Haily’s Rock Around the clock (26 million) in Rock records sold.
    Since you said Dick Dale I am sure you know the song. Right? i saw
    Dick play 62 years ago! left handed he was.

  2. Paul McCartney & Brian Wilson are younger & probably more mentally fit than Pedo Joe . (At least “Paulie’s” Beatles didn’t allow the Manson family around their children.)

  3. You know, I posts that songs and no ones recognizes Brian Wilsons dads voice at the end. He’s in the studio raggin’ on the kids like he always did.

  4. Remember when back in the 80’s that Reagan’s Sec. of the Interior James Watt tried to ban the Beach Boys from performing at the National 4th of July concert on the mall in Wash. DC because he thought that their music was subversive. They performed anyway: James Watt was an ass.

  5. Tin can beach was north of Huntington beach where the oil wells are.

    The fudge were you doing there? All the Marines are south of there.
    Fudge, Pendelton has miles and miles of empty beaches and decent surf.

  6. “Third Stone From The Sun”

    Oh strange beautiful grass of green
    with your majestic silken scenes
    Your mysterious mountains
    I wish to see closer
    May I land my kinky machine

    Although your world wonders me
    with your majestic superior cackling hen
    Your people I do not understand
    So to you I wish to put an end
    And you’ll never hear surf music again

  7. never was a Beach Boy fan …. until this really cute blonde that sat to the left of me in Core Class in 7th grade (1965 … yeah, I’m an old m’fer) dumped her 9th grade boyfriend to go w/ me … didn’t know the first thing about girls … other than I liked the way they looked & they made my pants tight … different times

    anyway, this girl was a real looker (as we said back-in-the-day) she was a big Beach Boy fan (dabbled a little into ‘Jan & Dean’ when I was in 5th & 6th grade .. TAMI Show!) … so, I went & swept my grandfather’s barber shop floors until I saved enough quarters to buy some Beach Boy albums … took a while, but they did grow on me. “Little Deuce Coupe”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “In My Room”, “I Get Around”, “409”, “Do You Wanna Dance?”, “Fun, Fun, Fun”

    we eventually broke up in 9th grade. her father found out she was involved w/ a boy. he didn’t want her to even look at a boy until she was 18, let alone go steady! … her other 3 sisters all got pregnant by the time they turned 16 … so ….

    my favorite BB song was “Surfer Girl” because, to this day it always reminds me of that special girl

    Janet, wherever you are, you still have a special place in my heart
    btw, you had the most beautiful stems I’ve ever had the pleasure to …

    … he said, waxing maudlinly nostalgic

  8. Aw, you guys got lucky. By the time my class came around, they were going through their late 70’s hippie eco anti pollution phase. Songs like “Don’t go in the water”…THE HELL!? How is that beach boyee?

    I just like Brians later stuff when he dumped a couple of tons of sand in his living room and plopped a Steinway grand right in the middle.

    Dude was wonderfully insane.



  9. Erik….hombre……hermano….es no bueno. So no bueno I look for mi armas.

    Es Beach Boys. No fuego. No. You owe me one Mesikin 25 dollar uno onza silver piece.

    Bad enough to come back only to find English only everywheres, now I gotta’ burn in hellfire with the hiipies just for watching that?

    Save me Weezer White album. The entire disk is a Beach Boys tribute. You made me cry with all the other California Kidz.


  10. genius, my ass … if Brian Wilson was a genius, Michael Jackson was Judy Garland … & happy he was about it!

    btw, Brian Wilson showered w/ Joe Biden

  11. Burr, dude, was is it with you and Weezer? The scrawny bastards did 15 minutes at Arnolds Cafe and never once showed Joanie’s neked breasts.

  12. Weezer is relevant because River Cuomo walked up to Brian WIlsons door and asked for musical help on Weezers White album. Which is a solid tribute to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.

    Also, SoCal. After the Beach Boys and The Doors it was X…..then about 25 years of hiphop until Weezer came around.

    Rivers Cuomo definitely inherits the song writing crown from those who came before. He’s my generation. I get the stupid aesthetic. I get the angst. Perfect pairing with the Beach Boys.


  13. Every time I’ve heard of Brian Wilson referred to as a genius was always on someone else’s album. Enjoyed their music. Enjoyed X probably more. By the way the Beach Boys were a total different juandra then Dick Dale, The Safaris, etc. If you actually got salt water on you from the ocean you listened to the later. If you binge watche Franky and Annette you were a Beach Boys fan. Grew up in Hawthorne California a hop skip and a jump from the actual ocean. In the 60’s there was a garage band in every other garage. We had one right next to us. The city chamber of commerce passed a resolution to stamp out garage bands butchering Wipe Out. LOL. God some of them sucked. What a place back then. It was certainly alive. Here’s one that never made it. A little later on though. More X than not.


  14. what, exactly stood out as Brian Wilsons ‘genius’? … his sandbox?

    he copied ‘Jan & Dean’. never, ever surfed ’cause he was afraid of the water. was mentally stunted by Murray’s bullying. Carl was the best singer & musician.

    … & LA produced Van Halen well after the overrated Doors … ‘his brain is screaming like a toad’

    “Good Vibrations” was a copy-cat song, & ‘Pet Sounds’ totally sucked!

    just getting a bit greased-up because I stooped to like a group because a girl w/ great gams liked ’em … so basically I liked a shit-pop band to massage some great thighs (attached to a very beautiful rest of her)

    don’t take it personal … we just wanna weez on Joanie’s neked breastessees

    Listen to “Pet Sounds,” the whole album, then come back and explain why Brian Wilson is a lightweight. – Dr. Tar

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbpkhIZPv3g

    That should hold the lil’ bastardz…..

    Anyway, Brian Wilson is primarily noted for his lush and complex vocal arrangements. Much, much more detailed than regular 4 part harmony. Secondarily, his willingness to use different instruments to achieve the desired sound, even if it was 1/4 of a bar of music.

    In spite of his mental inhibitions and lack of self esteem, you can’t argue that the guy knew how to write a worldwide number one pop tune.

    He’s also noted by other musicians for his insane perfectionism.

    I’ll take Carol Kayes word on it.


    Burr, they just had a great interview with Carol Kay on BBC last night. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3ct42r9. I’ve got to go back and listen to the whole think, a thunderstorm here made is fuzz in and out. – Dr. Tar

  16. Ray Manzerack. Played with the Doors and X. Produced X’s first album.

    He came up with that spooky carnival sound for the Doors and promoted X because they also nailed that sinister sound.

    Welcome to the Jungle by GNR went for that same feel, but of course…being a bunch of idiots, they totally blew it.

    Here’s Ray in the sound booth as X lays down one their first American classics.


    If you haven’t been using headphones, use them for this one.

  17. hell’s bells man! … “how to write a worldwide number one pop tune.” so did Neil Sedaka & Carol King, ffs! … ‘will you still love me tomorrow oh carol, my calendar girl?’ … Neil Diamond must be a god!

    I get it, a lot of folks loved the BB’s because they were popular … like Brad said, the ‘Frankie & Annette’ crowd that were popular at the time also

    just ain’t my cup of java … I’ll leave it at that

  18. The Wrecking Crew, studio musicians who actually performed MANY of the songs you’ve heard, had a lot of respect for BW.
    Check out the documentary; it pops up on youtube & the free channels once in a while.

  19. “If you hear something that has balls….that’s me.”

    Carole Kaye

    Thank you Dr. Tar for the heads up. I’ll check out the BBC program. She may or may not still give bass lessons on skype. Talk about a dream date.

  20. Took me a minute but I finally figured out the push back on Brian Wilson.

    You all saw that American Graffiti movie and remember the John Milner line where he trashes the Beach Boys.

    I can read you people like a book.

    Now I need Happy Hour.



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