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84-Year-Old Pro-Lifer Shot in Michigan

Animal Shoots 84-Year-Old Pro-Lifer. Tell Me Again How ‘We the People’ Are the ‘Semi-Fascists’?

An 84-year-old woman canvassing in Lake Odessa, Mich., for a pro-life group was shot in the shoulder after a heated argument, according to a press release by Michigan Right to Life

The woman was passing out pamphlets and speaking out against Prop. 3, which is an attempt to enshrine abortion rights into the state’s Constitution. She claims an unidentified man degenerate, who was not part of the dust-up, shot her as she was walking away from the raucous squabble.

The injured woman drove herself to the Lake Odessa Police Dept. They whisked her to the hospital, where she was treated and released. Her injuries are not life-threatening. She is recovering at home and wishes to remain anonymous. more here

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  1. I ranted about “not-life-threatening” over on Breitbart. What an insulting phrase for the victims. Not-life-theatening but probably life altering. Paralysis, amputation, scarring, disfigurement, blindness, deafness, chronic pain, PTSD and psychosis, brain damage, vertigo, all those and many more are not life threatening but are surely worth a sentence or two. It is either journalistic indifference or an attempt to numb us to violence and tragedy.

  2. As to the story itself, we’ll find out just how extensive the Soros funded takeover of prosecutor and judicial positions is nationwide based on local response to this shooting. The absolutely scandalous actions by local officials in North Dakota in response to a self-confessed hate-inspired murder is not a good sign.

  3. The low life scum is getting more violent, and it is in direct correlation to Joe Biden’s hate speech against conservatives.

  4. If that headline would have read as follows..’84 year Old Abortion Advocate Shot In Michigan’, Democrats would have immediately unleashed the FBI, CIA, and the freshly armed IRS, and possibly the Nation Guard to Michigan to track down all possible suspects.

  5. Is this more proof liberalism is a mental disorder?

    At 84 to get herself to the police shows she’s strong of mind and body.
    Also interesting is the article’s “geography-rama”.
    A school killing the media hides.

  6. Not hidden, Beachmom, it happened in 1927. However, the media are not above hiding stories that don’t fit the current agenda.

  7. ACParker SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 1:31 AM
    “I ranted about “not-life-threatening” over on Breitbart. What an insulting phrase for the victims. Not-life-theatening but probably life altering.”

    …not only is this 100% true, there is also no such thing as a “non-life threatening” GSW. Bullets are made of frangible cancer-causing materials that are noooooooot sterile in any way, and jamming this thing into someone at hundreds of feet per second, even if it isn’t IMMEDIATELY life threatening, can cause all sorts of longer term issues from infections and sepsis, breakaway blood clots that can stop a heart, create a pulmonary embolism, or cause a stroke, keloid scarring that can cause functional issues and sometimes needs surgery to correct, and advanced wound management to even stop the bleeding may be necessary as older folks plain do not heal well even BEFORE you get to the fact they may be on blood thinners for unrelated medical issues that they would have to STOP to heal, that could allow those medical issues to overwhelm them.

    Not to mention that the hospitalization and loss of function and mobility can be very depressing and even lead to suicide.

    There’s simply no non-dangerous and non-potentially life threatening way to shoot someone, shooting is DESIGNED to be very dangerous to the shootee. Saying “Non-life threating” is ALWAYS inaccurate even if it only described the IMMEDIATE sequale. While they may not immediately bleed out from a graze or a through-and-through penetration that doesn’t part any main cables or vascular organ systems, there’s still PLENTY of ways for them to die before too much time has passed.

    …all that said, pretty tough gal to drive herself to the police station after all that, tho. I’ve seen MUCH younger people parylized with fear and pain from a minor knife scratch that become unable to do ANYTHING useful. “Fight Or Flight” should read “Fight Or Flight Or Freeze”, because that’s what a sigificant subset of people DO. Not every 20 year old can take a gunshot and just drive off, let alone someone with four times their years. God blessed that lady to be able to do that, she must be one tough grandma!

    God bless these ladies for standing up to try to save not only the babies, but save their younger sisters from making a terrible mistake. Again, I am reminded of our own Plain Jane, who fought the good fight for decades and continued to fight it until she lost a long battle with cancer not long ago. She was a blessed woman touched by God, but this story makes me think He has His finger on the hearts of many of His other servants as well. May He let them know that their watch was not in vain.

  8. Let’s not lose sight of the dark irony here. A pro-abort apparently sees no crime in murdering a human being who is defending the right to life. 8 weeks gestation or 8 decades on; life holds no value to the pro-abort.

  9. Don’t worry, Granny!

    While you were out, boots on, in the street, I oiled up my “assault” weapon. Sat in the La-Z-Boy. And stroked it. Hard. Harderer. Cum November I’mma voatin’. Hard! For Heroes! For Constitusion! Next Tuesday. But you can thank me now.

  10. Look forward to all the top GOP office holders to waste no time in saying jack fucking shit about this because it might make their democrat colleagues angry.

  11. From the article: “The Michigan State Police are investigating the shooting. No arrests have been made yet.”

    Two weeks from now: “84 year old anti-choice white-supremest semi-fascist domestic-terrorist (fill in the blank)extremist killed by FBI SWAT Team”. serving subpoena”.

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