88 y/o Talks Man Out of Raping Her by Saying She Is HIV-Positive

Breitbart: Helen Reynolds was in her apartment in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania Feb. 17 when a man dressed as an apartment complex worker forced his way inside her home and bound her mouth and hands with duct tape, the Daily Mail reported.

“He wrapped it all around my face and my nose and my eye glasses. He had a piece in my mouth,” Reynolds told WPVI.

She said he took $40 from her purse and was about to rape her when she struck up a conversation with the man.

Despite having duct tape in her mouth, she was able to talk the man out of raping her.

“I said to him, ‘Well it’s like this,’” Reynolds recalled. “‘You might as well know the truth.’ I said, ‘I have HIV and my husband died from it,’ which is a lie.”  more

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  1. Curious…why no description or photo of the dangerous assailant who is still on the loose, and presumably still a threat?

  2. Sorry granny: fork over the money and the booty! Me big man (read as__ole dserving a hot lead injection)) who want power over you.

    Yep. Take those guns away from law abiding citizens so scum like this can partice free speech and pursuit of his happiness. Makes sense to me.

    Every house ought to be protected by the biggest badest weapon available and following the castle doctrine.

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