9/11 Terrorist, Zacarias Moussaoui, Goes On Hunger Strike Over Alleged ‘Religious Torture’

Geller Report: “Religious torture” — talk about chutzpah. Islam is the very definition of religious torture. What was Zacarias Moussaoui trying to do on September 11, 2001? He was trying to inflict as much religious torture upon non-Muslims in the United States as he possibly could. He can’t pray five times a day, and he says that is tantamount to torture. In reality, why should the ideology that led him to try to commit mass murder be reinforced in him at all? The very idea is ridiculous. Video of people jumping from the Twin Towers on 9/11 should be played in the background at every court hearing this savage has.  STORY

11 Comments on 9/11 Terrorist, Zacarias Moussaoui, Goes On Hunger Strike Over Alleged ‘Religious Torture’

  1. Go ahead, let the goat fornicator starve to death. We don’t have to pay for his incarceration,and he can meet his 72 Janet Renos hungry.

  2. Phuck him. Let him die.
    One less mouth to feed, clothe, and house.
    Not to mention medical, dental etc.

  3. On an editorial note, instead of surrounding his face with fire, how about covering his face with spooge splats?

  4. ROT in HELL you POS.

    Until then put a nice BIG hungry German Sheppard OUTSIDE his cell…pun intended…

    Just listening to that barking with snout under the door, he would say whatever we want him to say.


  5. I’m sympathetic to Moussaoui’s complaints and will support his hunger strike fully – particularly past the point where he receives his reward in hell.

  6. Give him 24 hours to repent of his sins and give his life to Christ.
    Then off with his head. And I still don’t know why John Brennan hasn’t been executed for high treason!


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