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9 developments to watch in the Russia and Ukraine scandals

Just The News: Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s testimony next week begins a frenetic stretch of investigations, document releases, subpoenas and witness interviews.

The investigation of the Russia probe investigators is picking up steam as summer approaches, with multiple congressional committees ramping up subpoenas, witness interviews and hearings.

On the legal front, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s fate hangs in the balance at an appeals court, while Trump administration officials ponder declassifying additional explosive documents at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The summer extravaganza of accountability kicks off this coming week at the Senate Judiciary Committee, where former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is slated to testify about his involvement in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants against Carter Page and his decision to appoint Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.

Here are nine key developments to watch over the next three months:

1.) Will Rosenstein admit to failures and talk about the 25th Amendment fiasco?

The former Trump deputy attorney general issued a statement last week that signals he may acknowledge at Wednesday’s hearing that the Russia investigation he once embraced and defended was significantly, if not fatally, flawed. 

“Even the best law enforcement officers make mistakes, and some engage in willful misconduct,” Rosenstein said. “Independent law enforcement investigations, judicial review and congressional oversight are important checks on the discretion of agents and prosecutors.

“We can only hope to maintain public confidence if we correct mistakes, hold wrongdoers accountable and adopt policies to prevent problems from recurring,” he added.

Here are the three key questions Chairman Lindsey Graham and other senators hope to get answered: more

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  1. Anyone else suspicious of the timing of the riots, starting a day after FBI’s top lawyer forced out? He’s an Obama hold over and his finger prints all over every crime the FBI committed trying to frame President Trump.

  2. judgeroybean: obama is a traitor. It is AMAZING we survived 8 years of that treasonous cocksucker.

    We only did because hillary clinton was entrusted with the delicate task of sealing the deal by winning a rigged election.

    She failed!

    Hillary clinton cost the swamp/left/islamic axis the whole thing. She blew 24 years of work in one day.

    Only PDJT can save us now. Support him like your life depends on it.


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