91% Of Dems Believe Violence Follows Fiery Words

Independent Sentinel

A new survey conducted by Pew Research Center found that Americans believe politicians should avoid “heated” political language, saying it has become more “toxic.” They believe it will “make violence more likely.”

A stunning 91 percent of people who are Democrats or lean Democrat felt it will lead to violence as opposed to 61 percent of those who are Republican or lean Republican. More

Yet the online propaganda are of the left, “The Huffington Post”, ran this headline today “As Far-Right Violence Surges, Ted Cruz Seeks To To Brand Antifa A Terrorist Organization.” The Yahoo News post of the piece (not going to give HuffPo any traffic) Here

12 Comments on 91% Of Dems Believe Violence Follows Fiery Words

  1. When “words = violence,” that means
    “I may freely use violence if I disagree with what you say,”
    SHORTER SAID: NO Free Speech, only MY Speech…OR ELSE.

    I mean, nothing new in the realm of Leftist Totalitarians…but I repeat myself.

  2. 91% of Democrats are trouble makers to begin with. THEY are the ones who need to tone it down. Republicans are tired of thier verbal abuse. Trump has given the party a spine again.

  3. Yep, you say something a democrat doesn’t like, 91% think that gives them a right to instigate violence.

    “Your free speech is ‘violence’. Our violence is ‘free speech’.”

    – Asshole democrats

  4. A particularly good comment at the Independent Sentinel:

    Yes, 91% of democrats are unhinged and 61% of republicans say the 91% of democrats will start the $hit.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out what far-right violence they are referring to.

    Or, to what far-right violence are they referring?

    Or, to what referencing of the to what violence of the far-right of the to what voilenceing victims of reference… shit!

  6. “Democrats” say it leads to violence, because their handlers send them a daily email to say that. Their handlers are trying to silence opposition.
    Boehner and romney have signed on.

  7. The left want to be abusive spouses to everyone else, “It’s your fault I keep beating you up, because anything you say at this point incites me to violence.”


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