9th Circuit Court to hear Hawaii travel ban case in May

WaEx: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday released an order indicating it will likely hear arguments in May about a Hawaii judge’s order to block President Trump’s revised travel ban.

The Justice Department responded to the initial restraining order with a request to stay the injunction on a temporary basis, according to a report published Monday evening in Politico. The federal government’s request will be considered by the three-judge panel at the same time as the Hawaii order.

The case is the second of its kind scheduled to go before a higher court in coming weeks. In Hawaii’s case, the judge ruled in favor of the state prosecution’s move to block the order’s 120-day suspension of refugee admissions and studies on visitors to the U.S. more

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  1. I didn’t know Andy Gump had a daughter on the 9th Circuit (person on the right in the photo). Old timers might get it. The rest of you need to google it.

  2. It will be interesting to see whether the court rules with an eye toward it’s self-preservation. If it holds up an obvious error in law then it could be the final impetus congress needs to split up the 9th Circus once and for all.

  3. blatantly hypocritical and ironic that the dems are happy to see the leftist federal judges running amok but will threaten filibuster of the boy scout constitutionalist gorsuch as if he’s the antichrist

  4. MAY? Why not TODAY! How many barbarians will be settled in our neighborhoods in the meantime? Ridiculous, especially since the entire court already decided the 9ths 3 judge panel ruling was a joke.

  5. @Extirpates April 4, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    > When will the ninth “judges” appear at a treason trial?

    The month after “patriots” stop cowering behind “Muh Constitusion!”

  6. This is all just a miss-direction to get as many of Obama’s fellow Mooselem terrorists into the country before stricter vetting stops the invasion.

  7. IANAL. These shit-heads have zero authority to rule on a presidential executive order that is clearly lawful.

    A state judge does not have jurisdiction regarding immigration and naturalization. That is solely the domain of the federal government. They can go fornicate themselves repeatedly with an un-lubricated 4×4 beam.

    Disband the Ninth Circuit and replace it with a bunch of tiny courts that gerrymander so they are conservative.

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