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Breitbart: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that Seattle’s minimum wage does not violate the Constitution or existing laws, despite requiring that franchise businesses start paying a higher minimum wage more quickly than non-franchise small businesses.

In another example of why the Ninth Circuit is considered the most liberal federal court in the land, the Court of Appeals agreed with a District Judge’s decision in March that denied issuing an injunction to the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) to block imposition of the law before trial.

Seattle Mayor Edward B. Murray formed an ‘Income Inequality Advisory Committee’ shortly after taking office in 2014 to address what he called his “opportunity agenda” to focus on implementing a meaningful increase in the city’s minimum wage. In April, the Seattle City Council passed and the Mayor signed a phased in $15 an hour minimum wage for all Seattle workers on April 1, 2015.



  1. Simple math is not a strong suite with the left. All that matters to them is jacking up the minimum wage because that triggers automatic raises for most union contracts.

  2. Property rights, freedom of association, and right of contract are no longer constitutional rights.

    The American experiment in self-government is going down the toilet.

  3. Wonder how long before Seattle looks like Detroitistan, no jobs, vacant buildings, squatters everywhere….You want to destroy a city? Keep electing demotards..That is one sure way to kill anything, put them in charge…Then all the free stuff folks will bitch cause there is nothing left..Einstein was right…

  4. I suggest that the 9th Circuit judges, in a show of solidarity with the workers, should strike a blow against income inequality and take a pay cut to $15 per hour.

  5. Keep this dumbass idea on the West side of the state please. Don’t even think of bringing it over here, Spokane’s City Council is full of pinheads who would impose this on us if they think they can get away with it. We have enough problems without our employers either being forced out of business because they can’t afford higher wages or they’ll move to Idaho or elsewhere. Why can’t these do gooder progtards just leave us the Hell alone?

  6. If a law isn’t equally applicable, then it is an unjust law: and every law-abiding citizen is obligated to ignore it – or to hang the unjust “judges” and “lawmakers” who imposed the unjust law.

    To do less is to abdicate one’s responsibility as a citizen.

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