Philippians 4:6

December 15, 2019 Dr. Tar 12

Breitbart The hugely popular Bible App has announced that Philippians 4:6 is the biblical “verse of the year” based on the number of times users accessed that passage. “Do not [Read More]

75 Years Ago: Battle of the Bulge

December 15, 2019 MJA 6 Called “the greatest American battle of the war” by Winston Churchill, the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes region of Belgium was Adolf Hitler’s last major offensive in World War II against [Read More]

The Great Cranberry Scare of 1959

December 15, 2019 Dr. Tar 10

The History Guy is here once again to remember that time the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Arthur Fleming, nearly killed the cranberry industry just before Thanksgiving and two presidential [Read More]

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