Father, Dad or Daddy

June 16, 2019 Claudia 6

Happy Father’s Day to all our iOTWr fathers! A little bird told me that today is someone’s birthday. Not only that, but he was actually born on Father’s Day.  Happy [Read More]

Transgender madness in Vermont

June 16, 2019 MJA 8

American Thinker: The State of Vermont is on the verge of paying for the mutilation of the reproductive organs of children in the name of “affirming gender identity.”  Alas, this is not [Read More]

Drawn to the Beat

June 16, 2019 MJA 5

WFB: Review: ‘William S. Burroughs and the Cult of Rock ’n’ Roll’ by Casey Rae. When Donald Fagen and Walter Becker joined to begin new recordings in 1972, they decided [Read More]

Welcome to Stab City

June 16, 2019 MJA 5

    Epoch Times: ‘Khan Is a Disaster’: President Trump Says London Needs a New Mayor After Spate of Knife Attacks. President Donald Trump called for the ouster of London’s mayor Sadiq [Read More]

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