Meet AOC’s Brain: Saikat Chakrabarti

July 16, 2019 MJA 6

American Spectator: Nancy Pelosi is obviously having difficulty controlling the increasingly acrimonious infighting between factions of the House Democratic caucus. Most observers assume that the primary cause of this discord [Read More]

Paul Ryan’s Old Order Outrage

July 16, 2019 MJA 10

American Spectator: Anew book by Politico’s Tim Alberta — American Carnage — depicts former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, now out of office, snarking as follows about President Trump. The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey wrote it [Read More]

Spotlight on Author Mary Isaacs

July 15, 2019 BFH 4

“Now You See Him…” is another short story written by longtime iOTWreport reader Mary Isaacs (author of “Christ Child’s Lullaby”, printed here last Christmas Eve).  This story is from her [Read More]

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