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  1. Why does the cartoon character assume that it’s a girl?
    That’s racist … or something …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. We had a tapping last night of a brew we made a few weeks ago, at a friend’s house in a typical suburb like setting. I recently moved out to the woods and with a 1000ft scary, wooded driveway, I don’t ever expect to see a trick or treater again. But there they were in his neighborhood.

    I volunteered to get the ball rolling handing out candy and we all took turns doing so. In this neighborhood, I noticed quite a few Latino families and something about them that I never experienced in my nearly 20 years of passing out candy. The Mexican kids were little fatties as is typical of those kids, but they were also rude as fuck! I’d approach them with the bowl of candy and say, Happy Halloween, take a couple candies. The white kids all chose carefully, got 2-3 of what they wanted, said trick or treat and left. These little Mexicans grabbed into the bowl with their little hot dog fingers like a skill crane and lifted 8-10 pieces of candy at a time!

    I wonder if they do the same when they trick or treat a Mexican family?

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