Feral Pigs Run Wild In Canada, Stay Warm In Winter “Pigloos”

National Geographic

These feral fugitives can weigh up to 600 pounds or more, and sport sharp tusks and bristly coats over thick, warm fur. They are reproducing rapidly and their range is expanding. Their combination of wild traits and domestic ones—including their high tolerance for cold and ability to birth large litters—may have led to “super pigs,” says Ryan Brook, a wildlife researcher with the University of Saskatchewan. The creatures even have been known to build above-ground shelters that researchers have dubbed “pigloos.”

“We should be worried, because we know the biology,” Brook says. “They’re called an ecological train wreck for a reason.” More

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  1. My first thought was to shoot the pigs. Upon further reflection, i think they should track down and shoot the assholes who brought them to Canada in the first place.

  2. Year round depridation hunts, large caliber or Magnum weapons will solve the problem.
    Use military sniper trainees or just use them as live targets. Problem solved.

  3. …wild hogs in the Smokys (the bacon kind, not the Harley kind blasting past you through the Tail of the Dragon) escaped from some Scottish farmer in the early 1900s and have been a plauge upon the mountains ever since, that no amount of trapping or hunting can end.

    Good luck with that, Canada…

  4. Food.

    This is National Geographic ecological libshit. Everything is a reason to flip out. Because, you know, populations of animals must stay Exactly. The. Way. They. Were. In… I guess it would be 1619?

    If hunting isn’t sufficicient, relocate some wolves.

  5. The ministry on Natural Resources in Canada makes life FKN Miserable for Hunters up here.
    Despite what they say, their real purpose it to fine, ticked, and harass hunters with complex rules, firearm regs., and restrictions.
    I love archery and shooting but as I tell my hunting friends, ” The ministry has made life miserable so they can do the job themselves.”
    Every Hunter I know has a horror story of an enforcement officer giving them a major fine for something arbitrary.

    In Newfoundland, the Moose population is so out of control that they have about 600 car vs Moose accidents per year. Citizens are actually suing the government for mismanagement and endangering the public.

    Getting permission to hunt Moose is a complicated lottery system that boggles the mind and results in many of my friends sitting out the season. It is an alternating controlled hunt, too difficult to explain.

    Spring Bear season was halted in 1999 in Ontario, and now we have a disastrous bear problem. The hunt was scheduled to return in 2020 after 20 years but the CHYNA VIRUS just effectively squashed this season.

    I have never even heard of a Ferule hogs problem in Canada which shows what a great job they do working with the public.

    So I fully expect the problem to get worse.

    Don’t Care!

  6. Round up a couple hundred thousand feral hogs, release them in liberal conclaves. After a couple years they’ll come around, decide Canada needs to revise gun laws.

  7. @ Kcir – China is asshole April 5, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    I bought Landis’ books way back in my 20’s. They are so expensive today. I can’t get over the prices they get for them in today’s market.

    Reading about how they controlled who could, and who could not, shoot pests was a real window into that bureaucracy.

  8. Why not shoot on sight?

    We’ve already established that they’re pigs bred for eating- just don’t waste the meat.


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