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Obama Tapped Trump Tower Before The Election

In a series of angry tweets last night, President Donald Trump accused the Obama Administration of tapping the phones at Trump Tower starting in October of last year and leaving those listening devices in place through the transition.

It seems that Obama had applied to a FISA court twice before being given permission to conduct the surveillance.  The first time they tried in June they were turned down.  The second time they narrowed the scope of the search until they got what they wanted, to bug Trump’s phones.


More detail on the timeline of the wire tapping Here

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  1. If one piece of information was used that wasn’t in the scope of the search, then Obama can be prosecuted. That any judge would grant such an obviously corrupt request is full banana republic.

  2. Glad to see president Trump tweet this today: he is taking the initiative and taking control of the agenda.

  3. I think this could all be a distraction to keep people’s attention off of how we’re all going to still get fucked in regards to Obamacare Trump style.

    They are gonna maintain the individual mandate – I’ll bet on it.

  4. It’s true. It’s a matter of public record. The trick is finding criminal intent on Barry’s part. I’m certain the Trump team has known about this from day one. Trump has weaponized his tweets. He has a team perfecting them and doing research. I can’t help thinking he wouldn’t have tweeted this unless they were on to some good intel. He needs to clean house of all old Obama people immediately.

  5. Trump was supposed to be deep in impeachment by now, and his moles should have had this buried. We are in for a week of particularly fake news.

    Interesting how all this comes to light as ValJar moves in with Obama. How far from Kalorama is the Iranian emabssy?

  6. “All this intelligence and they still could not win thr election.”

    Yeah, well, because the people in charge are dumber than their employees. lol.

  7. Inigo Montoya MARCH 4, 2017 AT 3:27 PM
    ValJar is pulling O’MeatPuppets strings. 😂

    Ah, so, her moving into the house with the obuttclan was an emergency

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