Democrat Michigan State Rep. Jon Hoadley calls women ‘breeders’ in now-deleted post

American Thinker: Amazing what the Democrats are putting out there as candidates for the statehouses.

The Daily Caller’s investigative team picked up this one and it’s a lulu:

 Michigan state representative who secured the Democratic party’s nomination in the state’s 6th Congressional District on Tuesday used the word “breeder” in reference to straight women and referred to sexual partners as victims in posts on a now-deleted blog he contributed to from 2004 to 2007.

Michigan State Rep. Jon Hoadley narrowly won Tuesday’s Democratic primary to take on 17-term Republican Rep. Fred Upton. Hoadley stands to be Michigan’s first openly gay member of Congress if elected, and he’s been endorsed by California Sen. Kamala Harris, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which in July added his campaign to its “Red to Blue” program.

“Jen, Liz, and I made it to the straight bars. Glad I went…but my straight fix has been satisfied for a while. I’m not going to lie: breeder=weird/bad dancers. Disagree if you want—you’re just deluding yourself,” Hoadley wrote in a June 2005 post to his now-deleted LiveJournal blog.


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  1. not surprising … that mug shot just screams Turd Burglar

    (yes, I’m generalizing … there’s a reason for stereotypes )

  2. Go to and look under ‘choad’ and I’m pretty certain you’ll see this A-hole’s photo-

  3. This faggoty NERD will never know what it’s like to get laid by a woman, let alone breed with one (unless it’s his sister). I imagine this ass munch fakes an orgasm by spitting on the other guy’s back.

  4. Deluded, evil, nasty little faggot.

    ‘O Allah, who sufferest lice to live on the coat of a Kabuli, why hast thou allowed this louse Hoadley to live so long?’

    To paraphrase Kipling…

  5. That is the common term that Gays use for women/heterosexuals.

    No one marginalizes and “others” people like the Left.

  6. Yep, “breeder” is a pejorative used by queers to denigrate people who have children.

    Who are the haters again?

    I don’t like queers, but not because they don’t breed, but because they try to make a sick and evil thing into something normal and acceptable.

  7. I went to the progressive’s own periodical literature from the 1920s and 1930’s to validate what had been printed regarding their unflinching support for Hitler and the National Socialists as they rose in stature and consolidated their power. That really is about all anyone has to do to know what the progressive movement is and has always been. Go to their social media posts today and it is all right there.

  8. Other than ranchers and farmers, who use the term in a professional sense, only cocksucker males use the term “breeder.”

    edit: Oh, yeah, and some nuclear physicists.

  9. What a punchable face. He doesn’t have lips. He’s got a launch pad for a man-rocket. I bet this freak of nature has nipples tattooed on his shoulder blades along with red lips on the back of his neck.

  10. Why don’t we just call this fruit Ben Dover. That picture makes him look all happy and gay. NOT! Not even the fattest ugliest woman who services black guys would ever let this guys pecker to get near her. Without breeders like his mom this fairy would never have existed.

  11. Uncontrollable Head-Tilt

    Tell-tale sign a dude is GAY. Not even they know they are doing it.

  12. I don’t want anyone who doesn’t believe in and participate in the nuclear family to be making policy for society. Homosexuals will push their agenda and beliefs on the rest of us and no matter how normal they claim to be they are far from it. I have friends and family who are gay. Live and let live, but I don’t want them shaping society.

  13. Since all my thoughts about this dick licker have already be expressed, I’ll just upvote all the posts here, +1000.

  14. I don’t think he’s really gay. You’re not gay unless your scrotums touch five times on the same day.

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