Baby T-Rex On eBay, $2.95 Million or Best Offer



The fossil of a baby T-Rex is being sold on eBay for almost $3 million, sparking outrage among the scientific community.

The 68-million years old fossil, reportedly listed by professional fossil hunter Alan Detrich, has a “buy it now” asking price of $2.95 million. The listing, last updated on Tuesday, claims the artefact is “most likely the only baby T-rex in the world,” adding that the specimen has a 15-foot-long body, 21-inch skull and serrated teeth. More

It looks like there are some parts missing and assembly will be required. Here


18 Comments on Baby T-Rex On eBay, $2.95 Million or Best Offer

  1. I offered 15.95 AMERICAN, but it was refused.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Serves to remind fans that Indiana Jones wasn’t as clean and heroic. His character lived by doing this. Having said that unless the buyer decides to donate it to a museum he’s as much of a jerk as this “professional fossil hunter Alan Detrich”.

  3. Selling it on ebay is dumb.
    I used to sell there all the time but they, along with their colluding co-company PayPal take a Bernie Sanders sized hunk of your selling price.

    An auction house will charge the buyer a premium, not the seller.

  4. When it sells will they Bang a Gong?

    Yes, I have been drinking! 🙂
    Funny how my posts evolve as the tequila is absorbed/adsorbed into my bloodstream.
    I’m more of a sarcastic drunk, not an angry drunk…
    but if you call me Francis…I’ll kill ya!

  5. Joe6,
    I’ll stack my T-Rex and Stripes references against your measly Johnny Cash reference any day. 🙂

    BTW, there are still seats available for Al Gore at UNLV and “An evening with the Clintons” in Las Vegas…

    I know, how is that even possible? It’s 2019, they should sell out in femto-seconds.

  6. @LocoBlancoSaltine (at 1:31 am): So I’m guessing “Francine” is totally out of the question?


  7. I remember when that little fellow was stuck in the mud … me and Helen Thomas were out for a stroll early one morning, when we were approached by a gigantic T-Rex and her wee ones.

    Well, momma Rex took one look at Helen and shrieked in dismay, running off into the swamp! Unfortunately (for the wee tyke) momma Rex stomped him into the mud in her mad rush to escape the ugliness.

    Oh, well, these things happen.


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